Guy Thought He Bid For Bungalow But Actually Got A Grass Strip

It is a dream for a person to buy a home for himself. A person saves for his lifetime for a house. And if it turns out against the wishes, it can be a traumatic experience for a person. Same was the case with a guy from Florida who though he had bought a house over the internet.

Bidding on a stunning bungalow could not strip the young millennial Kerville Holness of his fortune enough. Scrolling through the infinite depths of the online auction he was extremely elated to get a bargain deal for one of the Broward County’s property which had been the one of the defaulters of tax’s property. The number $177,000 were promising and seemed like finding a needle in the haystack deal. Thinking of all the luck he had gathered in his life, to see this day, this young man felt like on the top of his game after seeing his bid come on the top.

But life had something else in store…

Our young man was the proud owner of something pretty less developed and spread over an area which put straightforwardly, pretty congested. Mr. Holness was a pretty proud owner of an approximate 1foot by 100foot strip wide grass patch for the price of 177,000 dollars. This beautiful piece of land was the grass patch separating the two villas in Tamarac. Let’s figuratively think of what did he buy, a piece of ground without any grass lest he could squeeze in between the two mailboxes. Not much to say the least, when the approximate cost of the land was actually only $50.

Naturally the new owner wasn’t particularly ecstatic of the deal he had supposedly cracked. Wanting all his money back, now a very distraught buyer went back to Broward County to ask for his refund, but the county officials completely denied his requests and pleas citing the law as the reason.

Now, to the officials who had put up this bid haven’t really answered as to why the photos showed the villa as part of the deal ever put up as the picture for auction. In retrospect appraiser’s website showed no villa or the building value. So, is this an accidental incomplete information posted by the sellers or a well-planned way of duping the buyers? This remains unknown, but also brings us to the next question. Why wasn’t this piece of land not included in one of the two villas to which it was adjacent to?

Whatever the reasons may be. The truth remains that Mr. Holness remains a very sour buyer and claims to be duped by the County. This angry customer preaches openly of his hate for the same as he talks to the Sun Sentinel. Openly criticizing and accusing the company of deception. Apart from that now this owner of thin patch of grass shall have to make optimum use of his patch. Not likely, he has in him to leave it without coming up with a use after paying over a thousand dollars for it.

As much as we laugh and mock the stupidity of the buyer. It does warn us to be cautious of not taking in all of the details and thoroughly going through the fine details before inviting in our very own CATACLYSM and finding someone else writing our ordeal in their upcoming comic segment, twitter post or blog.