Headteacher’s Heartwarming Letter To Parents Evokes An Emotional Response

Many school children were sitting for exam before summer vacation and testing times called for responsible behaviors and study pressure on these children. On top of student agony, examinations can be stressful for parents as well. This Teacher’s kind use of emotional intelligence in his letter reduced anxiety of parents and stress load on children, he asked parents to unconditionally love their children regardless of the outcome. He sweetly urged parents to give their kids a warm hug. Someone posted his letter and it rapidly went viral.

The letter begins on a gentle note and warm salutation, followed by a general notice about approaching exams. He stars off by validating feelings of anxiety and stress experienced by parents. He changes the paragraph and descends into a more heartfelt expression. He begins the next paragraph with topic of expectations. He asks the parents not to tie up their materialistic standards to the inner potential of their kid.

Each child according to him is destined and designed to create their own adventures, therefore to judge their success based on their performance in a random test is unfair. He believes every child is unique and harbors talent for different things, an artist is fueled by passion and perception, his math score is insignificant. Similarly, for an entrepreneur, literature and history are meaningless. For an athlete, physical fitness matters much more than understanding of physics and a musician is more curious about guitar chords than chemistry formulas.


He wishes well to aspiring parents because it would be rather great if their children get top scores, but in case they do not, he puts emphasis on treating children with compassion and understanding. He persuades parents to boost their child’s sense of self-worth and not taking away their self- confidence and dignity. He asks parents to remind them that it is just a sheet of paper which predicts score on a test and not their true worth or success in life. Every child is a gift and cut for better things in life.

He concludes beautifully by asking parents to wrap their kids in a warm embrace and let them know everything is going to be alright, he wants them to tell their kids that they don’t judge them regardless of whatever they score. This, according to the head teacher, will help students unleash their optimum potential, dreams and talents. Parents can truly see their kids conquer the world, because success is not linear and engineers and doctors are not the only happy people in the world.

The post gained popularity but invited some skepticism as well; People are also dubious about nationality of this teacher, torn between Singapore and Canada. Conclusively, many people found this post relatable and shared similar experiences.