Heartbreaking Christmas Wish: A New Dad

The festival of exchanging lavish gifts was less of celebrations for a young boy for whom the end of the year was neither filled up with thrill and enjoyment nor with love and parties. This seven-year-old boy had a different wish as compared to others for Santa this Christmas.

Despite bringing fresh vibes for New Year, it brought grief and pain due to his unfortunate luck and relation with his father. Like other people in this world who want to put each and every piece of prayer in front of Santa in order to get rid of their sufferings and pains, Christmas did bring a ray of hope in the lives of such people that the good is sure going to happen soon.

The story of a young lad started on the same note with a sorrowful letter that he had written on Christmas eve to Santa wishing for a good dad. It all started when his dad abused and tortured his mother up to an extent that she decided to move out of the house leaving behind everything just to ensure that her child should not face any further abuse. All she ever wanted was a peaceful and happy life for them. As soon as they fled from home, they took shelter in a place that helped the victims of domestic abuse and provided them a better place of living.

The people living in the shelter operated by SafeHeaven of Tarrant County had unstoppable tears coming out when they came to know about this heart-wrenching letter written by Blake. This place is situated in the Fort Worth, Texas area. The NGO had been supportive to the people suffering through this holiday. Therefore, Blake and his mom were provided shelter by them. She found this letter in his bag pack a few weeks ago which was further posted by SafeHeaven on the internet. This was done in order to share the feelings of the little boy with the world.

In the letter, Blake first described the pathetic situation in which he and his mom had been living. He further wrote that his mother was left with no other option but to leave his house. She assured Blake that she would find a better safe place for him. Following this, he requested Santa to come this Christmas so that he could get some strength as he was feeling nervous to talk to the other kids in the shelter.

Then he asked for some stationeries such as books, compass, watch and dictionary. This wish had already sung to the hearts of people as it was so deep and touching that it made everyone realize the importance of education.

Blake’s letter was so much admired and appreciated by the people in the shelter that had already been home to 117 women and children that holiday. The letter even surprised the CEO of SafeHeaven Kathryn Jacob and she stated that she had never expected such a large amount of attention on the internet. People had been incredibly supportive of the mother and child, both socially and financially.

Jacob even assured them that the safety of Blake and his mother had been properly checked after the release of the letter. Further, they would be staying there only during the holidays without any problem. He also posted that this had been an extraordinary story as out of all the victims including 73 children, the letter written by him was very touching and calling for charity, kindness, hope, and love.