Her Boy Friend gave her the best Birthday Present but when She Opened the Box. See it Yourself!

Birthdays are the best times of the year .. You always get lots of wishes and presents that make you feel really special. Usually on birthdays, we expect our near and dear ones to plan for some or the other kind of celebration, or with gifts. Specially, if you have someone really special in your life, you expect a an awful too much from them. You feel you deserve to at least have a surprise birthday arty, or a gift, or simply you wish to have a special evening with them
This boy friend went a few steps ahead and got his girl friend one of the best gifts ever! He gave her a gift that she would remember for ever.
As he heard her coming in the house, he switched on the camera in anticipation of her entering the house.
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As she enters the house, she looks tired yet calm. He tells her that she got an early Birthday Present! She immediately loves what she hears and the entire expression of her face changes from slow and tired to happy and excited!!
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She asks him a few times, “What is it, What is it”, but her boy friend insists that she opens it on her own.
She proceeds with excitement to see whats in it – and when she opens the box, she just couldn’t contain her excitement!! She says – “Oh My God, My God, Is that a Dog??”, attempting to pick up that little pooch in to her hands, still in surprise about what she had received as a gift.
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She goes on to yell and dance singing “Oh My God, Oh My god, Oh My God!!!”. She is super happy with her new pet, a beautiful black puppy, as small as a baby.  She desperately wanted to pick it up and hold it like a little baby. She is so happy, that it sounds like she had almost been crying out of sheer joy! She does mention that the little puppy is “so cute, that i can’t handle it”. She keeps petting him and rubbing its back continuously.
She just couldn’t believe what a wonderful gift she had gotten for her birthday, that too, days in advance !! She asked if this was actually happening to her!!
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In the meanwhile, her other pet dog keeps barking in anticipation of meeting the new family member. The little dog kept barking trying to draw everyone’s attention to him. She bends down to introduce the new entrant of the family to the previously part f the family. Just then her Boy friend says, that “he’s got a new sister”. The girl is even mre excited and says, “She’s  a girl?”….
The video stops recording then but by that time your heart is filled up with so much of joy and happiness that it is beyond description. Throughout the  video, you will find yourself letting go of a small little smile on your lips – that’s the magic of this video. You don’t believe us? See the video for yourself!!

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