11 Year old Boy has a revelation to make but is scared that His mother will HATE HIM!

Kaia Windsor, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire lived with her mother Rachel, who is 37 years old. Kaia turned 11 and found out something about herself that she was really, really afraid to share with anyone, even her own mother. She thought that they will all hate her and she did not want that.
But she decided to gather some courage and share it with her mother, that she is not a girl, she is BOY!
He now calls himself Kai Windsor, and is 11 years old, who was born a girl, Kaia. Kai is currently undergoing NHS-funded hormone treatment to change sex. His treatment involves pausing his puberty so that the hormone replacement therapy could work better.
The reward of being brave and sharing this with his other was that right from the moment his mother Rachel heard it from the horses mouth, she has been 100 per cent supportive of her son.
Kai Windsor is now undergoing an NHS-funded hormone treatment, which he says has been life changing for him. He could OPENLY be what he wanted to.  ‘I definitely want to stay a boy, I’m never going to change,’ he revealed.
Kai talks about the relief he experienced as he “came out”  when he was 9 years old. He stated, “It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders”.
He went on to talk about his mother, Rachel, saying that ” I felt like she really supported me a lot. I was really happy. I didn’t think I could tell her, but I could”
Rachel, 37, mother described how her son was only interested in boys' toys as a toddler, refused to wear dresses at four, wanted his hair cut short at six and by nine knew he had been born into the wrong body
Kai had had problems fitting in at school. So much that he was referred to a psychologist. Kai mentioned, “I felt really different. Everyone was so happy at school and I was the only one who felt really out of place”.
Kai is now having hormone treatment, which will pause his puberty, and he will be offered to undergo a gender re – assignment surgery by the NHS at the age of 16 years, if he wishes to continue living as man.

But Kai says his mind is already made up and he did not wait to be 16 years old to decide what he wanted too be. He said, “I definitely know what I am going to do when I’m older. I definitely want to stay a boy. I’m never going to change.”

Reliving the moment when Kai came to talk to her and confided in her, his mother Rachel said, “He was crying for hours saying, ‘You’re going to hate me'”.

“I told him no one would hate You,” she said to him in order to encourage him to open up.

She admitted, “I knew in my heart what he was going to say. But for me as a mum I just love him unconditionally. I’m extremely proud of him.

Gender treatment for children under the age of 11 years since last year, which includes counselling sessions and hormone-blocking therapies and medication, cost the NHS £2.5 million alone! It startles them that the referrals have also quadrupled since the numbers referred in 2009.

According to this program in consideration, the statistics have sparked a debate over the fact, whether the NHS should be footing the bill for these gender transformations or not. On the other hand, Kai and his mother have vouched that the support he has received from the NHS has been life-changing, for him as well as for his family.

Gender treatment for children under 11  cost the NHS more than £2.5million last year, but Kai (pictured with mother Rachel, centre) said the availability of treatment on the NHS has been life-changing

‘Obviously the future scares me very deeply but he’s on his blockers at the moment, and if it wasn’t for the NHS treatment then it would be very different,’ clarified Rachel.

Rachel is a single mother, who runs a juice bar, mentioned that she was introduced the concept of gender transitioning or reassignment, only when Kai was 7 years old, after watching an episode of ‘This Morning’ on TV.

Rachel went on to describe the moment her sister called her up to ask if she was watching the show and they both simultaneously admitted that the transgender boy being interviewed on that episode reminded them of Kai. This did scare them some bit and the seed Kai being in such a situation was planted in their hearts.

But Rachel put the gender transition issue to the back of her mind, convincing herself that nothing is wrong, despite acknowledging there were signs there from an early age.

As a toddler, Kai (Kaia) was only interested in boys’ toys, by the age of four he refused to wear dresses and frocks, and he asked for his hair to be cut short at the age of 6 years. His mother also noticed other boyish behavior in her baby girl, and it did mark a sense of fear in heart for a very long time. Kai, then still referred to as Kaia, would blush whenever other girls were around, astonishing his mother every moment.

In an interview conducted last year, Rachel spoke of the unwavering support provided by Kai’s primary school, something that seemed unexpected initially. When Kai came out as transgender, Kai’s school sent a letter out to all the parents of their students to explain that Kai should be referred to as a boy now on. This worked to build up more confidence in Kai and his family.

Kai Windsor, who was born a girl, Kaia, is undergoing NHS-funded hormone treatment, which he says has been life changing.  'I definitely want to stay a boy, I'm never going to change,' he revealed on This Morning

The school also organised special lessons, apart from the main curriculum, for the entire school to educate them about being a transgender – and built special unisex toilets to make life easier for Kai and others like him. They also intended to spark a sense of realization in anyone else who had been suffering an internal gender crisis.

Once Kai “came out” to his peers, his mother immediately noticed an improvement in his mood and his school work. He was at more peace with himself, and was more comfortable in situations outside his own comfort zone.

‘Once people stopped referring to Kai as a girl and he could just be the little boy he wanted, he was so much happier,’ she said.

The amount of courage Kai showed and the way his parents, friends, school and entire set up adjusted and accepted him is just admirable and commendable. One is not a transgender by choice. It’s a gift of nature that unravels later in life. Attempts should be made to encourage people trapped in side their own bodies, making the world a better place to live for one and all.

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