Hospital Dressed Adorable Newborns As ‘Frozen 2’ Characters

All kids have once been dressed up in their favorite Barbie doll or Disney princess outfits that are for one of their school fancy dress competitions or at home with their mother’s clothes. But not many can say to achieve this feat being just newborns. This is a story of newborns dressed as fancy characters.

These infants can say that as they had a chance to play dress up at a very young age at the hospital they were being taken care of. These extremely cute and adorable babies were dressed up as Frozen movie characters as part of celebrations of release of the second part to this amazing movie franchise.

Saint Luke’s South Hospital in Overland Park, Kansas had a very cute celebration for the release of the movie Frozen 2 and returning back to Arendelle. They had the newborns residing in their hospitals dressed up in the Frozen 2 characters attire. The sweet little babies had their first dress up pretty early on in life and also rocked the social media when their photos surfaced on the Internet. They have been awed and loved by everyone in the world of the Internet.

When Saint Luke’s posted the photos of the lovable teeny-tiny Elsa, Anna and Olaf on their Instagram handle, the world was clearly overwhelmed by the cuteness served in these pictures. The Facebook post also shed light to this being the first time that the hospital had dressed up the new born as Disney characters.

Though they have a rich heritage of playing dress up for the babies born in the hospital. The hospital is known to brighten up their maternity ward around holidays like Halloween, Christmas and also for the season of love Valentine’s Day, where these little bundles don very cute outfits. The Disney themed Frozen dress up as their first and also the cutest.

The Instagram post shared by the hospital had very cutely shown these tiny Anna, Elsa and Olaf. The caption stated that all the babies were all here to welcome them and were open to warm hugs. The post had hundreds of likes and the hospital resonates that love is always an open door at Saint Luke’s.

The hospital then additionally shared a video of these fuzz balls tucked in their crocheted costumes, happily snoozing with no concern of those around .The thought around organizing such fancy dress days is that the hospital wanted to organize something very fun and amazing and many were excited for the release of the Frozen movie and thus the costume party was organized.

Activities like this keep a doomed and sad place like hospitals feel alive and happy. Basically, make hospitals look like more human places. Out of the monotony of deaths and sickness shrouding hospitals. These photos bring about a new perspective for the hospitals.

The new moms were happy and supremely proud to see their babies dressed up and spreading joy around the hospital just as the babies do in their lives. These babies are now back home safe and healthy. They still have the beautiful costumes to their name to remember their first dress up. These small fuzzy balls of love have no idea how much cuteness and love they spread unknowingly.