Hotness Overloaded! These Pictures Are A Proof That Arizona is Literally On Fire.

With the summer, comes the season of shorts, skirts, beach days and freedom from the fluffy winter-wear. But with such goodness comes the worrisome heat that is literally proving trouble for Arizonians. Although most people complain that their city or State gets extremely hot,  yet with the help of your A/C, you can pretty much survive those horrible sweltering months. But blame it on the global warming for causing extreme climate changes or just the hot, airy desert type environment of Arizona, living there is almost impossible and hotter than hell.
Here are some pictures that serve as a testimony to the ordeal of the Arizonians.

#1 The Dropbox literally dropped.

This plastic mailbox melted due to the heat in Mesa, Arizona.


#2 Fences can’t stop themselves from oozing into the ground.

As a result of scorching heat in Arizona, this fake rock plastic wall is slowly melting away.


#3 Don’t even know where to put the garbage now.

Picking up the trash might be a real nightmare for people in Arizona with such melted bins.


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