How Far Can You Go With The Empty Fuel Tank?

There are different types of drivers in the world, mainly divided between – those who don’t let their fuel tank get low enough for the empty light to glow or the second kind of people who occasionally let it hit that low. Whichever type you might be, the fear remains the same. As soon as the empty light glows thousands of thoughts go through our mind, none of them is pleasant for sure.


We’ve all wondered how far can we go with that almost empty tank, and this question always rises up the anxiety level. Here we are bringing all the answers to all the possible questions relating to empty tank.

Is it dangerous to drive with the empty fuel light on?


First things first, with the empty fuel light on, your car is bound to stop at any point and any place. Something that isn’t in your control, you might stop at the expressway or a deserted road looking for a service station. Secondly, if you drive with an empty tank it can damage to your catalytic converter, which may then need to be repaired. Even the simple act of driving with a low amount of fuel in your tank can damage your fuel pump. You’re not going to ruin your car the first time you drive it with the low fuel warning light on, but it’s a harmful practice to do regularly.

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