How internet looked in the 90s! I am never going back to 90s again.

Imagine a world without Youtube and Facebook, high-speed download limited to nothing more than 56kbps, no Wi-Fi, no Google search; everything on the web just in basic HTML… I hope you get the picture. This was how the internet was, during the 90s. Those who have been through the 90s decade are au fait with the internet scenario during that time. For the ones who haven’t, we bring to you a list of 5 aspects of the 90s internet that would make you cringe to even think of going back to that time.

The Dial-up Fiasco


The good old Dial-up modem is a thing from the past; the 90s to be precise. Hit the “connect” button and your modem would make some weird noises (this marked that connections were being established) before letting you into the world wide web. The screeching, scratching sound of the dial-up was music to our ears; only a decade or so later the same “noise” gave birth to a new genre in music- “dubstep”.

The Patience Game


More than 20 minutes to download a 4-5Mb music file; how does that sound? Outrageous, yeah? It takes us less than 30 seconds to download a file of that size today, which wasn’t the case back during the 90s. Patience was a forced virtue, as exorbitantly slow download speed calls for it, and there were no two ways about it.

IE- the Supremeie-rip

Google Chrome might be the fastest browser around during contemporary times, but there was an era when Internet Explorer used to be the only browser that existed. Alright, there is no need to gap your mouths wide; fast internet wasn’t a thing back then. The glacial paced IE enjoyed monopoly during the 90’s.

Online Erotica


MMS clips, Playboy magazines, Penthouse Letters: these were all the pornography we were acquainted to during those good old days. And then somehow it dawned on us that there is a whole world on pornography out there on the internet. Desibaba, Pinkworld are a few of those many pornographic website from the past that catered to our carnal desires, though at a snail’s pace, of course!


Yahoo! Chat

Long before Omegle happened, Yahoo and AOL chatrooms were in vogue- all it took was a quick sign up, and an entire galaxy of chatrooms gratifying the needs of people from all spheres of life would show up. It was the time when social media was unheard of; chatrooms were the only means people took to, in order to socialize with strangers. 90s wasn’t as outdated, after all!