Hundreds Of People Witnessed The Adoption Of A Boy Who Lived 1,553 Days In Foster Care

Nike Schwartz, an 8-year-old boy, had spent half of his life in foster care before getting adopted. Spending 1,553 days in different homes, finally on 17th February, Schwartz family, who had been fostering Nike, adopted him. Around 300 people came to the Texas courtroom to witness this joyful and momentous adoption.

The courtroom was packed with people which included Nike’s second-grade classmates and teachers, a high school drill team, church members, neighbors and also batman. He even received a gift basket filled with Cowboys gears and also a football signed by his favorite player, Dak Prescott, from the Dallas Cowboys. All this was done to celebrate the milestone event.

Buckner International, a Christian non-profit private adoption agency, helps in providing children with home. For four years they have been working with Schwartz family to provide Nike with his home. The agency captured the whole celebration on video and in photographs and even posted the highlight of the day on their Twitter handle.

Schwartz family, which belong to Allen, Texas, has a 17-year-old biological daughter and a 10-year-old adopted daughter. Kristi Schwartz and her husband, David Schwartz, told ‘Good Morning America’ that they had been fostering children for the last 11 years and were planning not to foster any more kids until they met Nike. They got a call to take him and they said yes. Nike came to their house at midnight on 4th May, 2016. The family said that these kids were in their rawest form and when they meet them, they feel this maternal instinct to help the kids to provide them with stability. When they first saw Nike, they felt it very quickly.

Nike was taken out of his biological parents’ home by Child Protective Services because his parents neglected him and used drugs at home. Elizabeth Cruz and her team, who worked with Child Protective Services, told Texas ABC affiliate WFFA that they requested Schwartz family to foster him after his first foster placement did not work out. An adoption specialist at Buckner, Anne Marie Holstead, expected Nike to get adopted in six months but it didn’t work out as planned. Whenever she met him and asked him if he had any questions for her, he would always ask her when was he going to get adopted.

When Schwartz’s adopted him, he was very excited and felt really loved. The family also made t-shirts that said, “May the Schwartz be with you” and got the adoption date printed on it. Nike told the Texas ABC affiliate WFAA that he believed in the family and was very happy.

Buckner International’s Foster Care and Adoption program director of North Texas, Andi Harrison, said that in US, more than 442,000 children are in foster care and Texas alone has a count of more than 33,000 such kids. In an interview, she said that everyone at Buckner International was overjoyed because finally after four years, Nike’s adoption journey was complete and he was with his forever family. She added, “We were blessed to walk hand in hand with Schwartz family during the process of adoption.”

She also felt it to be very heartwarming to see the turnout in the courtroom to witness Nike’s adoption. To see his 300 friends and family there, showed that Nike was really loved and completed the family. We congratulate Nike and Schwartz family on this beautiful occasion.