Husband Accuses Wife Of Doing Nothing All Day, She Decides To Teach Him A Lesson

The household chores never end and that’s what every person who works around the house would agree with. From little tasks in the kitchen to the big ones, there’s a lot that needs attention.

All of the efforts don’t always have visible results. One who completes the work knows the hard work. So, mostly the household work goes unacknowledged by the ones who return home after spending the entire day outside.

This mom-of-two shared an infuriating incident on Reddit. It made the people realize all that’s wrong with the situation involving the unequal distribution of home chores.

She titled, “AITA For going to work for a few days to teach my husband a lesson.” This woman explained all that she experienced with her husband when he came back home one day after work and saw her sleeping on the couch.

“I have a pretty strict schedule that I keep for myself to allow me to get household chores and the schooling for my son and myself done each day,” she shared.

“A one day last week, I had a migraine, nothing I did helped ease it. At some point after 3pm, after my son was out of school and baby was down for a nap, I laid on the couch to try and help the migraine. Which did help,” she added in her post.

We can only imagine how exhausting it could be for her to handle a 12-year-old and a 13-month-old baby at home. She was juggling between her kid’s studies and baby’s screaming with other tasks lined-up for her.

It is natural to have sick days when the body demands some rest to refill itself with energy. But her husband did not seem to understand the simple science!

“My husband came home while I was sleeping, and was already in a crap mood and yelled at me that I didn’t do anything all day except sleep, eat and get fat. I tried to explain to him I hadn’t been feeling well and napped because of that,” she added.

They had a little argument and the woman felt horrible after hearing those harsh words from her husband. She decided to teach him a lesson and show him all that he takes for granted.

“She explained, “Husband took a few days off work. I made arrangements with a friend to do tempt work with her. I went to work for a few days, leaving him my daily schedule as a guide.”

“The first day he called me 20 times because he couldn’t handle my son’s school work, couldn’t handle taking care of the baby, couldn’t even go to the bathroom without one of them needing something.”

He could not even handle the work for a single day! Maybe he should have thought before he screamed at his wife for taking a nap and not doing anything around the house.

This continued for a couple of days. When the husband had enough, he dropped off the kids at his wife’s workplace.

“When I got home the third evening, he was asleep on the couch. I let him sleep. I mowed the grass, pulled weeds, cleaned up the house, made dinner ( I tried to wake him for dinner, he refused to wake up) got the kids bathed and ready for bed before he woke up,” she revealed in the post.

Her husband questioned her if she plotted this thing to show him that he is not a good father. “I said no, I did it to teach you a lesson, that just because you don’t see me actively doing something when you come home doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything all day,” she wrote.