Husband Bought Tarantula To Keep Nagging Mother-in-law From Visiting

In-laws are not the easiest people to get along and one has to do various things to get in their good books. One man had his ideas to treat his in-laws to get away from them. He bought a traumatizing spider to get away from his in-laws.

People usually use lies such as “I’m working late” or “I have a business meeting” to avoid their in-laws, but this man took the dislike of his in-laws to another level. He hated the fact that his in-laws visited them every day that too unannounced. They stayed at their place for hours playing with the kids, invading their privacy and disturbing their schedule.

He was tired of his mother-in-law’s nagging and found a solution for it. Not only did he have the perfect solution for the problem but his wife’s permission to execute the plan as well. His wife did not know his ulterior motives thus agreed to his proposition of keeping a pet.

He once saw his mother-in-law going into a full panic attack after she saw a hairy spider in the living room. The spider was doing nothing but just sitting in the corner of the living room. It was a light bulb moment for the husband as he realized that probably a new addition to the family is the perfect solution to all his problem relating to his in-laws.

The husband bought a tarantula as a pet for his house and asked his wife for the same beforehand. His wife agreed on his choice of pet and soon a tarantula was bought for the house as a pet. The tarantula was kept in a big enclosure in the living room. The solution worked exactly the way the husband wanted.

AITA got a tarantula so the in-laws stop coming by from AmItheAsshole

Since then his mother-in-law has not visited their place and invaded their privacy. But his father-in-law still comes to their place. The husband is okay with that since his father-in-law is a cool man and is tolerable. It was his mother-in-law’s nagging that he could not bear and now even that has stopped.

In his defense, he talked about the same with his wife but no action or conclusion was made to the problem. She was not ready to set any boundaries for them. Thus, he had to take the matter in his own hands. He shared his story on Reddit and got a lot of attention because of it.

He asked the other Reddit users for their advice to come clean to his wife and many believed that his wife may not say it but in the back of her mind, she wanted some space from her mother as well. It was just that she did not want to have the fallout but surely wanted some space from her.