Husband Cheated On His Pregnant Wife And The Stress Led To Her Being Induced Two Weeks Before The Due Date

"Relationships" is a “big” word in a way that they demand attention from the people involved. If for a moment, some diversions occur, the outcome can be damaging as this 29-year-old woman had to face when her husband cheated on her a few days before she gave birth to their son.

It was a time of happiness for Abby Davies as she was only two weeks away from holding her second baby with her husband Daniel in her arms. She was thrilled for this family of four and grateful to her husband who she loved beyond words. However, little did she know, her happy world had a future she had not ever imagined.

Abby was just three weeks away from her due date and her husband, Dan who is a barman had been working late at the restaurant, busy with the extra shifts. Abby was a little upset with his routine but she was understanding as a wife and knew he got home late as he wanted to spend some time with his friends at the bar.

On one occasion when Dan left for work in the early hours of the morning, Abby decided to surprise him at his workplace with her 8-year-old daughter, Tiffany. She had planned the whole thing and purchased a baby outfit with the words “Best Daddy Ever” written on it. She could not wait to see Dan’s reaction on seeing this.

She entered the restaurant and could not find Dan there and then, the manager told her something that left her shocked and stressed. He told her that Dan had an off today. Abby was taken aback by these words and she dived into some deep thoughts. It was heartbreaking! Why would Dan lie to her?

There have been instances where Abby was forced to question Dan about his late nights at the restaurant as it wasn’t going as well as it was five years ago when they got married. During her second pregnancy, she was sensing some strange behavior of Dan.

This incident and the previous such instances were enough for Abby to confront him. So, she asked him in a straightforward manner if he was having an affair with someone. He denied all such accusations and Abby had lost the strength to fight with him even though she knew in her heart that things were going downhill from there.

That night was the worst ever as Abby came to know about the woman, Sally with whom he had been “hanging out” all this time. Sally was a waitress at the same restaurant where Dan worked and it was all obvious after that. She read their conversations over texts and her world came crashing down!

The stress levels increased and Abby threw the phone in Dan’s face to wake him up. Initially, Dan did not accept any of what his wife was saying but after some time, things got clear and Dan admitted to his “mistakes” which involved sleeping with Sally. No explanation can justify infidelity!

The dark clouds had overshadowed the sky above her head. She was not ready to take any action or even a decision to cope with this situation. Her due date was only two weeks away but the course of events over the past days had drained all her energy.

Her health was suffering due to this and it could affect the unborn baby as told by her midwife. So, the midwife did not want to risk anything and prepared her to be induced as soon as possible.

Abby gave birth to her son and Dan was present there during the birth but the things were different. Abby was still in that zone and she wanted to know the complete truth to be able to have a peaceful sleep. She talked to Sally on Facebook and wrote, “You’re welcome to my husband. The pair of you deserve each other.”

Sally replied to this message and it was something that Abby had never expected. She admitted that they were together but, she was not interested in moving on with this. Sally had pushed Dan away and it was over between them.

Abby did what she had to do and she took a brave step ahead of getting a divorce from him. She wanted to move on as that was the only way to sleep peacefully at night. We respect her decision as living in an unhealthy relationship is the worst ever!

She is living a good life and is meeting new people and has found someone special. His name is Charlie and Abby is loving spending time with him.

Dan should have known the consequences of his actions and hence, has no one to share his life with. This is how this world works!