Husband Had Infection, The Reason Was Undetectable Until The Wife Found Mold In His Water Bottle

Molds are disgusting and cause some nasty infections in your body without the intention of leaving your body. This lady’s husband had an infection and she didn’t know the reason until she checked his Yeti Cup.

Molds can exist where moisture resides for more than the standard level. Whether it is in the bathroom or basement. And we all know it is of no good to any individual. We see stories over the internet how fungus can harm our health and its level of disgust.

A woman named Veronica Lucas shared her story with the molds and the story has been getting its share of attention due to the crazy level of grossness. Her husband had been suffering from some infections with unknown reasons. Doctors were in a head-scratching situation and had no clue how to find a solution to the sepsis. Until they asked the wife to check his water bottle at home.

The woman did as she was asked to do and realized that the fungus had made its abode in the seal of his Yeti cup. She said that she had no idea that the seals were removable. When she did remove it, she came across the new level of grossness.

This kind of accumulation of fungus is not limited to Yeti cup. You should keep a check on your kid’s sippers, as this kind of fungus can easily grow in the crevices.

Similar cases have been on the rise these days and there are no explanations to them. If you have recently developed such infection, go check your bottles. Sometimes, it might appear that the seals are not removable but you need to dig deeper then.

As Veronica stated on the site, “We attempted to remove the seals from the first couple of cups we bought. They were so snug that we honestly thought they would break if we forced it. So, we assumed they were permanently attached. Our cups never came with instructions.”

After this story was out, people reached out to her as they were facing a similar problem with their health. So, if you have landed upon this article go start looking for molds on your bottles and get rid of gross stuff right now.