Husband Mad At Wife For Taking Baby To The Hospital After She Fell On The Floor

While being in the middle of a diaper change, this woman realized that the baby wipes were behind her. As she turned around to pick them up, she saw that the baby had rolled off the sofa onto the floor. She admits that it was very stupid on her part since the baby had started to roll and kick more than usual. She was glad that there weren’t any tears and Lo, the baby, didn’t seem to be in any pain.

She still didn’t want to take a chance, therefore she called Lo’s pediatrician, who asked her to bring the baby into ‘The Accident and Emergency Room,’ just to make sure that she was alright. Before taking Lo to the hospital, she called her husband about the whole situation and he agreed that she should take the baby to the hospital just like the doctor had said. In the hospital, she was told that the baby was absolutely fine but a report had to filed since Lo was an infant.

The report invited a social worker for a check-in. The check-in was quick and it was accepted that the baby’s falling off the sofa was an accident. When her husband got back home from work, she told him about the social worker’s visit. Her husband snapped at it and told her how those social workers would always be breathing over their shoulders from then on. He told her that she shouldn’t have taken Lo to the hospital since she wasn’t hurt.

She mentioned how he now keeps making sneaky remarks like “don’t take your eyes off the baby” and “make sure you don’t drop her.” This makes her overthink about her decision, so she took it to Reddit to ask people for their opinions on this situation. One person wrote on her post that it was an accident that had happened and that it was unfortunate but nothing bad had come out of it except that the woman’s husband was acting poorly.

Another person wrote in her defense, telling her that she was being a good mom by making sure that nothing had happened to the baby. They added that all injuries aren’t visible and that anything could’ve happened to Lo looking at her age. They criticized the husband for making sly comments, even though he himself had agreed with her upon taking the baby to the hospital.

A third person commented asking whether the husband was more concerned about the welfare checks that ensure the safety of kids or the health of his own baby. They supported the woman by telling her that she did the right thing and motivated her to keep up with being a good mom.

The reason why the husband was mad wasn’t just because the social worker came for the check-in, but because according to him, it made them look bad. The woman added in the thread that she thinks that her husband has been thinking about the situation from a ‘what will the neighbors say’ viewpoint. In the end she added that her husband cares way too much about what the people around them say.