Husband Refused To Be Present During Childbirth Due To Work

Aforementioned reason caused a baffling situation for mother-to-be, who keenly wished for her husband’s presence and moral support. Her husband’s unintelligible approach towards the birth of their child confused and enraged her. Usually, people devotedly cherish the ceremony of birth of their children and wouldn’t miss it for the world if the situations are moldable, as in the case of this woman. Husband broke the devastating news to the expecting mother and was set to leave on Saturday evening while his wife was scheduled to go into surgery on Sunday.

Her husband vaguely explained that it was ‘impossible’ to skip the business trip because he had not been on work trips for the last six months and would lose his job if he failed to make it to this one. Anxious mother-to-be asked if he could explain the situation to his boss and ask for a concession but in vain. He escaped with the excuse that it would be worthless to try to persuade his boss on this since his boss wouldn’t care to listen or understand.

Therefore, the woman was left alone without the support of her husband, in an anxious and helpless situation of going through pregnancy labor alone. She went on to explain her emotional attachment to the idea of child’s father being the first one to meet their son and to be there with her throughout the process, just like any woman would ideally ask for. Instead, she was presented with poorly comprehended excuses.

Excuses like, she was not going through normal birth and would be under anesthesia, with a trusted and experienced medical staff. Dad-to-be even suggested that his wife’s parents accompanied her to fill in for the lack of support she felt. The heated argument between husband and wife took an ugly turn when husband made an insensitive remark that by going on his trip, he may be able to provide financially for his wife and their child. He called her ‘selfish’ for asking his emotional and physical availability despite knowing about his work engagements.

Woman felt disheartened when her husband accused her of making him a bad father and husband by making ‘unjustified’ demands, before storming out. He eventually apologized for his insensitive comments but said he experienced a lot of pressure from her side. Woman took it Reddit’s Q/A forum to look for answers to her disappointing situation. Unsurprisingly, she received an overwhelming response. Majority of them condemned her husband’s immature behavior. Users indicated possible chances of infidelity and disguised fear of fatherhood.

Many people stormed in to express their criticism over this father-to-be’s reluctance over the birth of his child. One suggested there maybe something more afoot, showing an ulterior motive of his, or even ‘code for girlfriend’. Others disagreed and felt he was simply having cold feet to newly emerging fatherhood since he was unequipped to deal with the situation, considering it was a planned surgery and he could’ve easily planed in advance for things to flow smoothly.