Husband Slammed Nursery Worker For A Nasty Comment About Working Wife

When a nursery worker couldn't recognize the mother while she came to pick up her kid, she refused to let her son go away and made a comment that left the mother in tears. Infuriated with this behavior, her husband came forward to refute the worker's action.

The woman, being a doctor, has to work for additional hours as well. So, her husband has held the responsibility of picking up and dropping their kid to the nursery. The couple has two children altogether. One day, when he was ready to pick his three-year-old son up from his nursery, her mother insisted on doing it as she was free from her work.

She rarely gets the chance to do this, but several staff and parents still know her very well. However, he saw her weeping after she returned back with her son. She informed him that a new nursery worker didn’t allow her to have their son go with her because she had never seen her around. Therefore, she couldn’t let her pick her son. Instead, several other parents also apprised that they know her well. But even informing her about it multiple times didn’t help. In the end, she allowed her to pick up her son.

Since she was heading away from the place, the worker made a hideous comment, which left the husband in severe frustration. She commented: “Maybe if you were here more often, I wouldn’t have to verify your identity.” Indeed, the mother was devastated, but she wanted to get rid of this mire situation, but the man was eager to take further action.

He went on the next day and complained against the worker to the women in charge. He added: “She wasn’t there when it happened, but I complained and said that how my wife was treated was ridiculous and that the coworker was out of line for her snide comment at the end. The woman wasn’t happy, and I’ve now learned the new worker has been given a severe warning and that her behavior is being watched.”

Besides, his wife isn’t happy with his decision, and so are some of the parents at the nursery. On the flip side, many are also being supportive of him. Therefore, he asked on Reddit if he’s in the wrong. A person explained that the worker wasn’t wrong until she made a comment in the end. She has no right to say wrong about a working mom and that too, during this pandemic.

He added: “I appreciate the employee’s attempt to protect your son, in a different situation we’d be thanking God for people like her”. But he also added that being proven wrong doesn’t give her the right to be mean to his wife. Other people also came in support as they’ve had witnessed the distress a working mother faces in real life.