Husband Sneaks In Dog To Hospital To Bid Goodbye To Wife

After an intricate surgery, the wife of the gentleman fell very sick. She became feeble and got bed-ridden. In a few days, she gave up food and water. The concern of the husband grew day by day as her health continued to deteriorate. It went for the worse and she became dependent on her IV and hard pain pills. One day, she summed up all her strength and whispered something to her husband. Her dog was all that she demanded. The user knew that dogs were not allowed there but he surrendered to her desire. He went to his house and braced the dog-a 50 pounds Austrian Shepherd for the task.

He laid the dog into a suitcase but did not zip it up. Then they drove off for the hospital. On reaching their destination, he told the dog that he would open the zipper in a few moments and she could see her “Mommy”. The dog was too smart to get it and sat down quietly. Finally, they launched themselves for the daring task. The two slipped through the passage and reached his wife’s room. The dog did not make an ounce of noise. A nurse caught his sight and inquired him about the bag. He replied that he had brought a few things to make his wife comfortable. The nurse approved the bag and he made his way ahead.

The ailing woman was sleeping peacefully when they entered the room. He unzipped the suitcase and the dog popped out of the bag. After making a landing on the bed, the dog made her way through wires and IV to the chest of the woman. Bracing herself up for the reunion, she sat quietly and waited for the moment. After a long spell of 25 minutes, the woman woke up. The dog licked her “Mommy” and moaned quietly. She too moaned in pain and embraced her pup. The two spent an hour in each other’s arms. The dog had sensed the situation and didn’t bark for a single time.

But the efforts made on the part of the dog not could thwart their exposure. A nurse caught them red-handed. But the sensitive soul promised that she would not report the matter. He drove the dog back. To his dismay, he could not save his wife and she left for her heavenly abode after a few days. The fact remained unknown to the dog. The user shared that whenever he grabbed the suitcase, the dog thought they were going to see her again.

May God give them the strength to cope up with the scars left by the unfortunate fate.