Husband Wants To Change Daughter’s Name So MIL Can Pronounce It

A family welcomed their daughter into this world and gave her a bit complicated name. This caused a family dispute. The squabble was about the grandmother of the baby who wasn't able to pronounce the name. Therefore, the husband decided to change her name to something simple so his non-English-speaking mother could pronounce it.

A couple was divided over to or not to change the name of their newly born daughter. So the father took up the situation on to Reddit AITA thread to ask for the solution to his problem. In the post, the man told about the incident that happened and led others to think about the idea of changing the name. He mentioned that they name their daughter with an uncommon name. The couple liked the name. They decided to introduce the baby over a video call.

The father’s mother wasn’t able to call out her name so she decided to call her ‘mouse’ as a nickname. After other MIL saw that she wasn’t able to say the name, she started making fun of her. MIL laughed hard in front of the whole family. His mother felt embarrassed and left the zoom call.

Subsequently, the man felt bad for his mom and gave an idea to change their daughter’s name to something easier for her to say. They had a three-week-old baby who had a pretty uncommon name. They had already chosen her name when his wife was seven months pregnant. Whereas his mom couldn’t pronounce the name. They hadn’t thought it through enough until she was born. When they first introduced her to their mum, she was incapable of pronouncing her name.

In a family zoom call also she wasn’t able to understand much and was just busy wooing the baby. His MIL asked her daughter, why his mother called the baby girl ‘mouse’ and not by her name. He explained that she couldn’t say the name at which they laughed a little and he ended the call with an excuse. The couple argued about making fun of his mom. He later said that his mother wasn’t fluent in English.

His mother was embarrassed by being laughed at and hadn’t been talking to anybody since. As a result, he proposed an idea for the name change and his wife disagreed and shut the conversation. She thought it would be tough to change the name just for this particular reason. She made it clear that if he pushed her further for the same, she would prefer separating from him since it was a compromise on her values and baby’s identity.

Many people who replied thought that the wife was being dramatic as the separation over just this name change thing was petty. They suggested letting MIL continue calling the baby ‘mouse’.

There were many more comments which said that many children have nicknames. A user suggested finding a cute name and let his mother call the baby by the same. Another user got furious and called his MIL names. Further, added that his wife seemed to understand only until he suggested changing the name.

Others also commented on finding a cute nickname and let granddaughter and grandmother build their relation.