Husband Wrote Heartfelt Letter To Late Wife’s Hairdresser

A man shared the words of gratitude with his wife’s hairdresser. He thanked her for providing his wife with a great hair cut during her last days. He conveyed his gratitude through a letter that left her in tears.

A husband’s wife was suffering from dementia, a fatal disease. She made a final visit to her hairdresser. During this visit, she was treated in a great way by her hairdresser, Sara. This presented that Sara knew the way of dealing with dementia patients already. Moving on, he explained how he and his wife were allowed to sit next to one another. When his wife’s turn came, her chair was turned to face him so that he could watch her expressions.

Sara gave her an amazing hair cut that made her feel so pretty. In addition, she used to visit the mirror several times during the day and would come out beaming. The man stated that seeing her like that was priceless. Unfortunately, she lost the battle with her disease and died in March. However, the hair style provided to her was one of the last, best moments of her life.

The grieving husband waited for quite long to pass on the message but he was yearning to express his gratitude to the hairstylist. He wanted to inform Sara about his wife’s feelings associated with her last visit to their Salon. Finally, he sent the letter to his wife’s hairdresser following her heath to say her final visit was one of the “last best moments of her life”. He even added that the visit turned out to be even betterthan he thought it would.


He initiated the letter with considering it as a bit awkward to write like this. Moving further, he explained that how greatly his wife was treated when they both came to the Salon for short haircuts. He stated how extremely happy he was to see his wife contended with her new hairstyle. He told her that she surely gave about a dozen of haircuts on that day. But the haircut given to his wife revitalized her sense of self and her singular beauty.

He said, “I hope you realized the power of your profession”. He claimed that it is so easy to take things for granted. He signed the letter anonymously as a “grateful customer” and shared it on Reddit leaving the users in tears. One of the users commented that we do not realize the importance of the presence of one another in a moment and called it a beautiful letter.

Another person wrote that people present the negative side of anything very quickly and leave out the positive. However, the positive one could really change someone’s day or come at a time when they are feeling low. The user appreciated the husband’s efforts. Lastly, a person said that the sentence “She felt so pretty” made him cry like a baby.