Identical Twins Move Into The Same Estate After Separating From Their Husbands

Sonia Dixon and Adrienne Campbell, two identical twin sisters got engaged to their partners at the same time. They then decided to have a joint wedding at Bracknell Register Office. The sisters even went for a joint honeymoon to Miami, Florida, USA with their partners.

Sonia said that it was natural for them to get married together because it reduced the expenses. And it was also feasible for their family members and relatives. She further said that the two of them had just one congregation. Sonia recited the vows followed by Ade doing the same with her partner.

The 62-year-old sisters had their own children. However, both of them separated from their partners and moved into the same housing estate in Crowthorne, Berkshire. Moreover, they also worked at the airport together. This helped them to give more time to each other.

Sonia confessed that she shared the same room with Ade until the age of 9.When she was 17, she joined the military. Eighteen months later, even Ade joined the military. They were not posted together. So, this was the first time they were so far away from each other. Sonia was posted in Northern Ireland while Ade was in Germany.

In 1980, Sonia became an employee at Heathrow Airport. Five months later, Ade applied for the same job and got selected.

Sonia said that she had many shifts so she was able to see Ade after every shift. She found it funny that a lot of regular travelers never really knew that they were two different people. She admitted that a former Prime Minister used to fly very frequently and the two sisters served him for years before he realized that they were twins.

People mixed Ade and Sonia so often that whenever they would see strangers waving at them, they would wave back because the other twin probably knew that person.

In fact, even Sonia and Ade’s father, Henry Taylor had an identical twin named Ronnie. Sonia said that her father was as close to his brother as she was to Ade. Her father’s last word before he died was Ronnie. He passed away at the age of 74 in July 2007, while Ronnie passed away just six months later.

The sister duo took another step forward by moving into the same housing development. Both of them felt that doing this was essential because they could never stay apart. Ade expressed that there had been a real community vibe to the development. So, Crowthorne as a whole really suited them. They both now work at Heathrow Airport’s VIP lounge and live a satisfactory life as neighbors.