If You Aren’t A Diva Now, Don’t Worry! These Celebrities Weren’t Either!

If you look at the yearbook photos of some celebrities, you will be shocked. No, they were not always drop-dead-gorgeous. These photos prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that transformation can occur at any time! While the celebs are stunning now, in high-school their looks and fashion sense were quite ordinary.

So have some hope! Perhaps you, too, will turn into a diva who would turn heads!

1 – Megan Fox:


With teeth that were a little crooked, Fox was cute in her yearbook photo but nowhere near the beauty icon she became in her later life.

2 – Kiera Knightly:

Kiera Knightley

In her yearbook picture, she has tightly pulled back hair that just doesn’t have the luster of her hair today.

3 – Jennifer Lawrence:

Jenifer Lawrence

Her blond locks were beautiful even back then, just not on the same level.

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