Influencer Slammed Online For Ridiculous Job Listing For PA

An influencer, whose advertisement looking for a personal assistant went viral, has been slammed online. The job had a list of some very demanding responsibilities leaving people to say that they would “rather die” than take the job offer. The notice even stated the candidate to be ‘lucky’ as they would be working for a big celebrity with over 10 million followers on social media. Our guess is that they never realized how terrifying their job expectations just might be to start with.

The notice further said that the personal assistant would be working an eight-hour shift on the property. They should also be available on call 24 by 7. The PA should additionally, remove emotion, be the bad guy in any situation and handle ‘hundreds of small tasks all at once’. The Los Angeles’s influencer has included tasks like waking the influencer up every morning with coffee. They also included other requests like planning and managing their calendar activities, cooking, cleaning and after the pandemic is over, travelling anywhere anytime.


If this was not already difficult enough, it wasalso mentioned that one must have their own car. They must also be able to drive the big celebrity whenever, wherever they need to be. Not only this, the job profile included even packing and unpacking their belongings as they traveled. The job applier must be able to ‘compartmentalize their emotions’. They must even remain quite at all times.

It was mentionedthat the working hours would flexible but one should be expected to be with the client ‘all the time’, while it being a ‘part-time’ job. The assistant will be given minimum days off. After the list of many demanding requirements, the PA will be paid $25-$30 an hour.


The advertisement from was posted on twitter by Taylor Lorenz, where the post got up to 11000 likes and more. It even got some very interesting replies, like one said, “Like is the assistant moving in because it sounds like they never go home”, well to us it also sounds the same.

The other said, “I would rather die than do any of this for even a day”. I guess, after reading about the influencer, we can all say the same. Someone else commented, stating another truth “This mentions being without emotion like five times – not a good sign”. Another comment said, “Hmm, how do you wake them up in the morning with coffee and then drive them and from parties in the evening without going over 8 hours? Confusing”.

Taylor posted a statement, that since the time the post had gone viral, the job listing the requirements have been changed with many tasks taken out of them. Anyway, we wish the influencer luck for finding an assistant fitting their tasks and even more luck and blessing to the PA winding up with the influencer.