Infuriated Woman Left $5,000 Tip From Boyfriend’s Credit Card To Take Revenge

A woman named Serina Wolfe came to limelight when she left a generous tip of $5,000 for a waitress at Clear Sky Beachside Café. Serina’s bill was about $60 so the tip was surprising but it was welcomed as the waitress had had an emotional week after putting her dog down. It all looked like a fairytale until the card was reported stolen!

The credit card actually belonged to Wolfe’s boyfriend with whom she had had an argument shortly before leaving the massive tip. We smell revenge here!

The issue began when Wolfe’s man refused to buy her a plane ticket to her hometown of Buffalo, NY. This instigated the feelings of revenge in her and she took his card for a spin. But the guy probably knew his girlfriend would play dirty because he placed a hold on his card immediately after the argument. But he soon lifted the hold, that’s when Wolfe dropped the generous tip.


Things got even dirtier because when he confronted her, she plainly denied the allegations. That’s when he decided to report the transaction as a fraud. But it was too late since the money was already paid to the server.

The boyfriend then told his credit card company that he felt Wolfe was either drunk or trying to get back at him with the $5k tip. It wasn’t long before the story of Serina’s dirty revenge was unfolded. This domestic dispute was far from a joke because the credit card company had already informed the police.

So where Serina was thinking of catching a flight back home to meet her family, she had to get her mug shot taken for grand theft charges. She was forced to hand back the credit card. Revenge didn’t end up sweet in this case!