Ink Lover Got #Bantz Face Tattoo To Initiate Conversations

He shares that he has no memory of getting inked during the drunken night but realizes he has got a new tattoo when he looked in the mirror the next morning. He felt a little buzzed when it struck him that he has a #bantz tattoo over his eyebrow as originally, he had forgotten about getting inked that night.

Kieran expressed that he knew deep down that deciding to have a tattoo after getting drunk wasn’t going to end as something amazing. Ironically, Kieran had no regrets about doing so because he uses the tattoo to his advantage as it proves to be a good conversation initiator.

After a rollercoaster of fun during the night out, Kieran was a bit surprised and shocked when he took a look at the mirror in the morning. He shared that though he had a blurred memory of it, it felt like someone jolted his head when he looked at the mirror.

When the realization dawned upon him, he felt like how he can forget something that major. He added, “It’s still my best tattoo to date, I love it.” The guy acknowledged the fact that he doesn’t feel ashamed of doing so and he usually takes things like these lightly.

He had a viewpoint that tattoos should not be taken way seriously and explains that even when someone dies or something bad happens why is it necessary to look at it every day and make yourself dispirited. Instead, he thinks that people should have something which makes them laugh their heart out every day just like he has the tattoo that makes him laugh out loud by remembering the night out when he looks at it.

Kieran also defines his tattoo to be a good conversation starter because of the uncertain design it has, people generally ask him when they look at his face and that breaks the ice between them as Kieran has a lot to tell when it comes to that tattoo.

Though people regard him as being careless, he takes it in another way as it’s the reason people had hilarious conversations with him. He also agreed that he had to face some drawbacks of it as women generally refuse him when it comes to having him introduced to their parents. He shared that women feel that their parents will judge him for having the #bantz tattoo on the forehead but he realizes that even he wouldn’t be that excited to meet such a guy. He added, “I wouldn’t like me if I turned up with my daughter.”

Kieran being a fun personality shared that he does not feel offended when people abuse him for his tattoo and instead, he prefers to share a photo of the day he got tattooed daily.

On a deeper note, Kieran felt that such things shouldn’t be taken as a matter of seriousness rather it should be thought of in a good way and therefore, he also urges people to roast his tattoos now and then. He sometimes thinks how can such silly things make people so furious.