Insane Rules By The Dog Owner Forces Sitter To Quit

A dog sitter shared her story and told the readers how she was forced to turn down the job because of the dog owner. She shared that the owner sent a list of rules which were nothing but ridiculous. The rules seemed more like ridiculous demands.

She shared the screenshots of the conversation that took place between the dog owner and her. In the conversation, the dog owner specified the time of dog sitting which was for a week. And till that it was fine, but when she sent the insane rules that are when the dog sitter was dicey about the whole dog sitting situation.

The rules started as “I want to make some things abundantly clear (because the last few sitters let me down).” The dog owner Claudia shared how the previous dog sitters let her down and since then she has had rules for the dog sitters.

The conversation that took place between the two was shared with the caption: “Rude lady wants me to watch her diabetic dog for basically nothing.” And according to the rules the dog owner was ready to pay $110 for the services and the dog sitter had to ensure that the dog was fed, watered and medicated. And one could see that this was a right rule and the bare minimum that any dog sitter would have to do.

But the rules just got insane after this one. The dog owner demanded that the dog sitter should be present for the services 90% of the time. Since last time she lost her two rabbits as the sitter was not there and the AC went out. Another rule clearly stated that if any emergency arises then the sitter will pay it from his/her pocket. Since the dog will be under the supervision of the sitter therefore if anything happens then it will be the responsibility of the sitter.

Then the owner warned that they have cameras at their place and they check them frequently. So, no friends over, parties, or anything of the like. The owner wanted that the sitter should not keep her phone on silent as she gets anxious if she gets no response to her calls or messages.

Last was the deal-breaker. The owner said that the sitter will be paid in full approximately 24 hours after she returns. First, she will make sure Junie her dog isn’t showing any anxiety, and then she will write the cheque. She ended the rules with “Are we clear?”

To that, the sitter responded and wrote: “Hi Claudia, unfortunately, I would not be able to meet all the demands. I hope you find a great sitter!” She explained that she could not be present 90% of the time and some other rules did not go well with her. Claudia got upset and responded rudely.

She wrote: “If it’s too hard then it’s too hard. I thought I’d give Stephanie’s friend a chance but obviously, you don’t need the money that bad. I don’t want your ‘services’.” People reading the story were furious, one responded: “She’s not looking for dog sitting services. She’s looking for someone to exploit.”