Instagram Influencer Admitted His Mum Works Two Jobs To Afford His Lifestyle

Catalin Onc runs an Instagram page by the name Another Beautiful Day where he posts pictures of his travels with his wife. In the past they’ve been to Bali, Nepal, Paris, and Copenhagen and shared pictures on their account for their followers. They planned a journey from Germany to Africa which they wanted to take on a tandem bike.

The interesting part about their travels is that they don’t pay for it themselves. They depend on their followers to donate money so they can travel the world! They set up a GoFundMe page for this and shared the details on their Instagram page.

They informed the people that their money would go towards buying bike and gear, food, accommodation. They even said that they would need SIM card with internet enabled to help them update their followers about their adventures. They said they would also keep aside money for emergencies and unexpected expenditure they may have during the trip. They also told people that they are welcoming any help in the form of dollars, messages, couch or tent.

As per them, they are trying to learn about different cultures. Interestingly they managed to raise 200 euros within a week only which was impressive.

Another interesting thing was that they also revealed that Catalin’s mother was working two jobs to support him and his wife in their journey to become influencers. He thanked his mother in a comment for working hard to help him fulfill his dreams. He also mentioned that never asked his mom to pay for his trips but she loves to do it. This didn’t go down well with many people and he ultimately had to delete the comment.

People were nasty in the comments and asked the couple to find jobs for themselves instead of relying on their mother. One follower said that they were being pietistic while another one said that working 2 jobs might affect the mother’s mental health.

Such comments forced Catalin to speak up and he said, “This is how I feel when people make money the biggest topic. Having tattoos, a pretty girlfriend and followers on Instagram opens doors for us, it’s true. We could live a lavish lifestyle and only show that, like most people on social media do. We choose not to. We have seen how people are around us when we have money and when we don’t. #grateful that we get to see both sides of the spectrum. I wish you all could experience this. Some people are quick to judge and speak. At this very moment we don’t have much, we are accepting money from my mother and also donations but we don’t hide that. This situation is teaching us a lot.”

But things went downhill for them as not many people donated for their expeditions after this scandal. But the couple hasn’t stopped and is continuing to travel!