Instagram Star Got 225 Celebrity Signatures On Back To Create World Record

An Instagram influencer gets 225 tattoos on his back to set a world record and get his name registered in the Guinness Book of World Record. People have to do impressive things to get themselves registered in the book and break the existing records.

People grow their fingernails, hair and some even do dangerous death-defying jobs to get themselves registered in the book. Well, this influencer tried something very different and very cool at the same time to get himself registered in the book. He got his back tattooed with the signatures of the celebrities.

The 31-year old, Instagram influencer and star, Funky Matas has about 225 signatures of celebrities on his back. Celebrities such as Jeff Ross, Will Smith, Chris Rock, Mike Tyson, Usain Bolt, Tara Reid, Gerard Butler and the man who voices of SpongeBob Squarepants. Collecting autographs from celebrities in one place for a lifetime is not an easy job.

In an interview he shared that he had two ideas for the world record attempt. He had to choose between getting surveys done like MySpace had with questions and get the blanks filled or have his friends sign his back with a sharpie and get them tattooed with an actual tattoo machine.

Funky is a tattoo artist himself thus, it was not hard for him to get everything in place. He knew everything about getting himself tattooed and chose the latter option. It even made his work line more fun and interesting. Also, it is not difficult for him to get everything set up on occasions for celebrities.

He also shared that many people tried talking him out of his idea, but he is hard-headed and never backs out from challenges he has with himself. He has a very wild lifestyle and nobody can deviate him from the goals he sets for himself. Because people know his nature and personality nobody tries to come in between him and his goals.

The Instagram influencer and star who has got more than 285k followers which are increasing day by day is just waiting to hear back from Guinness Book of World Record. He still does not know whether he has officially made a world record and has officially bagged the title or not.

The influencer shared that the journey at the start was not an easy job. The journey itself was very wild, interesting and hard. People usually are not on board or it is not the right time, but he managed everything against all the odds and is here where he is today. Before getting any tattoo he usually discusses how things are and how they will turn up.

He even declined some celebrities who wanted to sign his back because it was not according to his action plan. But he will surely try to squeeze a few more tattoos on his back.