It Is Okay To Be Fat But Not ‘Fatphobic’

Well, some people are bereft of this responsibility. There can be some who are not more than a blip in the usual proclivity of humans. Our society lacks people who can ameliorate the meaning of humanity. La’Shaunae Steward is a model belonging to South Carolina who responded very well when she came across the pithy comments made by a beauty influencer, Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue.

Xiaxue has almost 602,000 followers on her Instagram page in which she recently put up a series of stories that contained the pictures of Steward along with her humiliating opinions in the caption.

According to Cheng, there is a vast difference in being chubby or fat and being ‘morbidly obese’. Further, it was written in the story that people with this condition are likely to die somewhere around the age of 40 as they feed themselves with a lot of burgers and often acquire serious health issues.

When this happens, the taxpayers have to help them up in paying the medical bills when the reason for this mishappening is their irresponsibility. These people never seem to be attractive. The entire description clearly shows the hate Xiaxue has which was followed by another photo of Steward recumbent on a bed. The picture that she had posted to support her opinion was sent by one of her followers.

Then Steward slumped on these comments with an elucidation to let the world know that the way she looks doesn’t justify the reason for not getting the same love, career, and a prosperous life like others. She stated that her being fat or chubby has nothing to do with anyone and she doesn’t need to explain herself for the same.

Above all, Steward received immense support from the majority. Most of them criticized Cheng for being a ‘fatphobic’ after she made such comments. Someone said that there is no basis for humiliating someone and making them look inferior to the followers just for the way they look. The story was swamped with several comments like these.

Moreover, there are always some people around us who would drag somebody down but on the other hand, there will also be a medley of people who will support others like La’Shaunae. There is not a single path to seek love from the world. We all are different in one way or another and it is our very uniqueness that binds us together.