Jon Bon Jovi Opened A Restaurant And Serves Free Food To Needy

A man with many titles like, an actor and a musician, Jon Bon Jovi, took a huge step to make this world a better place by opening a charitable restaurant. The main objective of this restaurant is to help in removing hunger from America. The food served here is free and is open for all, especially the needy.

Jon Bon Jovi’s foundation, JBJ Soul Foundation, has provided funds to many projects which aims to help the less fortunate people. The foundation’s motto is to “Break the cycle of poverty, hunger and homelessness.” The work done by this foundation is having a huge impact in the communities surrounding it.

One of the projects of this organization is “Soul Kitchen”. This project aims to provide a new outlook to people to tackle hunger in America. This restaurant is different from the others in two ways. Firstly, the food items on the menu don’t have any price and secondly, if you leave without paying then no one will be upset. $20 donation can be made towards this restaurant or a person can even sign up to volunteer in future.

Two restaurant runs under Soul Kitchen. The first one was opened in Jon Bon Jovi’s home state New Jersey and the other opened up after Superstorm Sandy devasted his home town. The place already suffered from food shortage but the storm just made it worse. A restaurant like this was the need of the hour.

Till now 100,000 meals have been served from these two restaurants. Half of the amount is paid with donations and the other half is paid via volunteering. In 2016, Jon Bovi said in an interview with Billiboard that, “Our mission has always been to affect positive change and address the issues of hunger and homelessness. There are no prices on our menu. So, if you are in need, you participate. That means bussing the tables, washing the dishes and working in our gardens.”

The food served to the diners here is a three-course meal which includes an appetizer, entrée and a dessert. Dishes include local ingredients as well. Many of them are from the JBJ Soul Kitchen Farm. No reservations are required before going there. The ones in need are given preference over others. Large communal tables are set up where the diners sit and experience everything together.

Those who want to donate can even do so online by going on their website, Jon and all the other fortunate people who help in improving the conditions of the country by doing such random act of kindness deserve a great applause. We hope to see many more restaurants like this to open up soon which will make this world a better place to live in.