Kid Struggling Against Brain Tumor Is Requesting Messages From Dogs

In a shocking incident, a seven year old girl named Emma Mertens who is suffering from brain tumor, has asked for messages from dogs. This sweet little girl lives in Winconsin and is fighting against untreatable brain tumor. A GoFundMe account has been created for this victim. This has been done to aid her in covering the medical costs.

‘This little girl finds solace in dogs’, the family was reported telling the media. Hence, people from all across the world showcased their love by sending messages of love and support by clicking photographs of their dogs. The page was flooded by various photographs, comments and messages. Some people posted their dog’s picture to telling Emma how their dogs loved to play with ball. Some admired her fearlessness and captioning their dog’s picture. While others displayed their love by dressing their pet and sending slobbery kisses, hugs, wagging tail on behalf of their dogs to Emma and her family.

Some people were generous enough to even send her gifts. The family thanked everyone for their generosity and also mentioned that gifts were not necessary. The page, GoFundMe has soared over $1,20,000 till now.

People are so generous, but gifts are not necessary. Thank you all for the kindness and love for Emma. We hope that…

Posted by Team Emma – Emmalovesdogs7 on Saturday, March 2, 2019

The family needs to pay their attention and focus towards Emma. It is an important battle for Emma to fight against the disease so that they can commemorate her eighth birthday and many more birthdays to come. It is unbelievable to see such colossal support from people all across the world.

You can send a message to her address, however due to inundation of emails and cards, the family recommends posting message on her Facebook page, named as Team Emma. It serves as the best possible way to reach Emma and her family. The family also updates about Emma’s condition on the page. You can learn about Emma and follow her too. You can also see her fight against cancer at