Kind Waiter Spent His Lunch Break Accompanying A 91-Year-Old Customer

Kindness is a priceless gift that only takes a minute to be presented. In our pacing lives, this important quality that is the basis for mankind’s existence has taken a backseat. We are so engrossed within our hectic schedules that when a Pennsylvania lady witnessed one such gesture of human compassion, she couldn’t resist herself from sharing it with others.

The woman who goes by the name of Lisa Meilander was out on a luncheon afternoon with her family at the Eat’n Park eating house located in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania when she overheard the conversation between an elderly man and a server. No, the family wasn’t eavesdropping but they could hear them because of the two tables being located in close proximity. The old man mentioned that he was ninety-one years of age and had trouble hearing. The staff member then kneeled down to get close to the man’s ear to ask him, if he could accompany the old man for his meal.

The next thing you know the elderly man’s eyes twinkled. He told the waiter he was all alone and missed having someone to talk to, and luckily Dylan, the waiter turned out to be a good and patient listener. A few minutes into the chit chat, he also helped the old man decide what to order. Roused by the gesture Lisa and her family decided to pay the old man’s bill. However, someone had already taken care of it-maybe they weren’t the only ones lending an ear to their conversation.

The elderly gentleman was seated in the booth directly across from my family as we ate dinner Saturday night at Eat'n…

Posted by Lisa Meilander on Saturday, August 17, 2019

Soon after bringing the old man his order, Dylan’s break began. And that’s when he sat down next to him and the two continued their talks. There was not a single soul in the eatery that did not enjoy the view or did not have a wide smile on. Lisa was quick enough to take a snap and share it on the World Wide Web. Dylan’s story has gained around 67000 shares and has over hundreds and thousands of reacts.

In a world where people accuse the youth of being reckless, mean and emotionless, Dylan’s act is a ray of light. No doubt kindness is contagious and your time is the most valuable gift you can give to a person.