Did you know the average lifespan of a eyelash is 5 months? Read on for some more interesting facts about your eyes.

Nothing as amazing as the human eye! From translating rays of light into images, to transferring those images in the human memory card (the brain); these set of jelly-like liquid filled sphere rolling in the trajectories of your skull are the most imperative organs of the human body. And don’t they even say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul”? The eyes express emotions, capture attention of lovers, betray on-going thoughts: it has to have a crazy mechanism that goes on to be able to do all that. Agree?giphy

Below is a list of some of the many oddities the eyes can take credit of. Here we go.

1. The length of the eyeballs differ from person to person. While the shortsighted ones have longer eyeballs than average, the farsighted folks have to settle with shorter ones.88181baec467dab917953d5724962ee3

2. Tears due to sadness aren’t the same with the tears rolling out when something gets into the eye. Also called reflex tears, these tears are formed to flush off foreign objects, and at the same time moisturizes and heals the eye. Emotional tears help combat the chemical side-effects of emotional stress.Tear_drop_by_JosCos

3. Believe it or not, but your eyes actually see things upside down. The brain flips the image to show us the world as we know it to be.6cb8fc2577aab320ce7176f59b074cede29b175fa457b1512965ee47cb52aed0

4. Blind people who were born with sight can still see in their dreams. However, their vision is limited to the extent of imagery they have experienced in real life.1ffafe50467b100496376b19dda3e0de74be4ed415eb5545523f63b276b92783

5. Have those beautiful blue eyes? You are distantly related to the handsome Bradley Cooper. Blue eyes are the result of a single genetic mutation some 10 thousand years ago- this is what research say. Before that, the eye color was brown in every human being.tumblr_lmrioilIbi1qlo1_500

6. Does the “red-eye” (that you can see only in photographs) scare you? I mean, why not! One can have such fiery red eyes only when he/she is being possessed by a demon. But the fact here is slightly different from what you think. It’s actually caused by light bouncing off the capillaries in your eyes.c1280x720_21

7. Wonder why retina scanners have been taking over fingerprint readers? Of course, you know why. Retina scanners are more secure. But what you don’t know is the fact that the iris has more unique characteristics than your fingerprint. You read me right. While the fingerprint has 40 variations in a standard pattern, the iris boasts of a whooping 250 plus.retscan

8. It’s the eyes in the entire human body that never grows. Almost all organs in your body experiences growth, but the eyes. You die with the same sized eyes you were born with.Eyes-Fact

9. It’s practically impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try!9db9cdd61a1c7ed6354c3af412cf3b43

10. Our eyes can perceive only three colors, viz, red blue and green. The rest of the colors that we see are nothing more than a combination of these colors.primary-colors-resized