Landlord Left List Of House Rules For Tenants That ‘Treat Them Like Children’

The tenants described them as “patronizing beyond belief.” A picture of these rules was shared by the tenants on Reddit. The list had a heading that said “Simple house rules” followed by the eight rules in points. Hundreds of people in the comments on the site advised the lodgers to get out of that house as soon as possible.

One of the occupants elaborated that their owner does not live on the property but has kept a “hidden locked living room” that he calls his own. They added that he visits the property on Saturdays to complete his admin work. When the tenants uploaded the picture of the rules, they did so with a caption which said “We found our new landlord’s ‘Simple House Rules’ before he’s given them out. We’re all in mid-20s or older.”

The list included rules like not wearing outdoor shoes upstairs, the lights which were not in use to be switched off and all the glass bottles and jars to be placed outside the house in a small green bin. Some rules regarding the kitchen were to thoroughly clean it after using and place hot pots or pans only on metal stands. More rules were, not leaving any naked flames unattended and shutting the gate after entering or leaving the house.

The lodgers also added in the comments that they found it to be unbelievably patronizing. They wrote that they’re all adults and haven’t shown any absurd behavior at all. They said that they all wished to pay extra to be put with true professionals. When a person on the social media commented that they couldn’t find anything that was “terribly unreasonable” in the rules, they replied to justify.

They told the person that their problem was the extent to which they were being treated like children, which made them think that it was patronizing beyond belief. They also added that they don’t disagree with the landlord and that they haven’t displayed anything but these rules in all their time there. The list left other people on Reddit equivalently perplexed.

One person jokingly commented that it seemed like the tenants were renting off his dad. He went on and wrote that he was amazed that his father didn’t add the “no one to come in after midnight” rule. Another person who had lived in numerous rented properties over the years warned them to get out of the house as soon as possible. They further added that the occupants should perk up themselves for arguments as they could tell from the list that the owner is a kind of a landlord who treats the property like their home even after renting it out.

A third person wrote that they might think that the rules are common sense but it isn’t for some as they shared their experience of living with a 20+ year old housemate. They wrote how this housemate of theirs never cleaned the kitchen after using it, left the crumbs on the work surface after buttering the toast and left the dirty dishes in the sink.