Little Girl Gets To Celebrate Her Birthday At Ikea

If we as adults can fantasize about our birthday party that is still a few months away, we can’t complain about the kids doing the same. They are excited about their birthday and want everything to be arranged the way they want. So, this little girl, Jessica Proctor had Ikea in her mind for the party venue and what she did to get there is quite interesting.

Jessica Proctor had big plans to ring-in her seventh birthday and we can’t complain about her enthusiasm. Everyone is elated about that one day when they are feeling special. Jessica, a resident of Sheffield wanted to have the celebration at Ikea for she loved that place (it’s hard to tell why!).

We haven’t really heard anyone organizing a birthday party at Ikea, so, this girl’s idea is definitely unconventional but interesting. She had an attachment to this furniture store and never missed an opportunity to head to that shop.

Jessica wanted to have her party at Ikea and her mom, Charlotte did not know what attracted her daughter to this store. But she did not discourage her from making an attempt at getting permission to celebrate there. She told Jessica that she would have to send a written request to the store officials in order to get approval.

According to Charlotte, “I think it’s the little rooms. She just loves going and playing in them. Every time we go around it’s a bit of a battle to get her out. She wanted her party at Ikea. She wasn’t taking no for an answer.”

Jessica followed her mom’s advice and wrote a sweet letter to Ikea to give her permission to celebrate her seventh birthday at their store. In the letter, she described her love for the shop and how it’s her favorite one. Honestly, it was a heartwarming request!


The owners of the store sent a reply to the little girl’s letter after a few weeks. Charlotte revealed the response, “She said it wasn’t something they normally do but they would really like to make something possible for her if that’s what she wanted.”

It must have been really exciting for Jessica to hear a positive response. She was all set to ring in her birthday at her favorite place. Jessica and her parents went to Ikea on her birthday with five of Jessica’s friends.

Ikea’s staff made a really cool arrangement for the birthday party and Jessica could not be happier. The kids had a play area inside that was booked for them entirely on that day. Guess what they got to savor at the party? Of course, Ikea’s meatball meal was on the menu!

They even had birthday decorations including balloons and flags to complete the celebration. Children enjoyed a few sweets too.

Charlotte seemed more than satisfied with the arrangements and appreciated all the efforts of the staff at the store. She said, “They were so good. It was really special, it was just lovely. The kids had a fantastic time. And seriously, the ball pool is amazing.”

The kids are turning out to be really smart and don’t shy away from putting their demands in front. They know how to fulfill them!