Little Girl Requested Toy Manufacturers To Make A Plastic Woman Army

A little girl has gained limelight for her letter to a toy company where she wrote about her disappointment on how toys for girls and boys are different, or how women figures are always shown as princesses and never as tough army fighters. The letter has motivated the manufacturers to start a line of figurines of women dressed as officers.

Vivian Lord, a six-year-old girl from the town of Little Rock in Arkansas one day realized that none of her toys resembled or looked anything like the toys that her brother played with. And thus, she decided to write a letter to various toy companies, to vent out her anger and frustration. One of these companies was the BMC Toys, located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Her letter was primarily about her dissatisfaction and a request for the manufacturers to launch a range of army that looked like everyday women.

The letter soon reached Jeff Imei, the proprietrix of BMC Toys was both surprised and happy to have received such a letter, according to him he had never received anything like it, and even though requests for female soldier figurines have been made in the past, none caught his attention like the letter Vivian sent. In an interview Jeff mentioned that he was going to accept and fulfill the little girl’s wish and in fact, it was their company’s top priority at the moment. In fact, he even invited the six-year-old to see some conceptual designs and drawings, he had come up with.

But the innocent girl thinks the process is taking too long, and that sketches aren’t exactly what she had been meaning to look at. Jeff in his defense mentioned that launching a new range is a costly procedure and thus, it needs to be ensured that the demand meets the supply. Soon after getting the letter, Jeff issued the prototype of the women’s army figurines, which is set to be launched in Christmas 2020, with the name Green Army. These toys will be available in four different kinds of army postures with a head officer carrying a head gun and binoculars.


The set will also include a girl soldier with a ready to launch bazooka, sitting in a kneeled position. Jeff had earlier thought of introducing or incorporating female troops in one of his ranges but the low demand barred him from carrying on with the idea. However, with the changes in recent year, he finally got his green signal. Before Vivian, JoAnn Ortloff, who happens to be a retired Chief Master, of Naval fleet had made a similar request for his granddaughters. However, not much could be done because of little funds and no time, but Vivian’s letter reopened the case file.

The little girl is super happy that her wish is finally going to turn into reality and promises that she would play with them every single day. Jeff is extremely excited too and says that “Girls should be able to connect to the toys just as much as boys do.”

Good going little one, you are a true achiever!