Little Lad Couldn’t Take Bullying And Ended Up Putting A Suicide Note On His Teacher’s Desk

Bullying has been an inevitable part of our life. Whether it is in schools, colleges, the workplace, or in any of life. It has made lives difficult and so was the story of this little boy but the way he dealt with it is what has set an example for other people.

A little boy, Jack Wilkinson had been a victim of bullying for years and he also suffered from anxiety and depression. For all this, the bullies started calling him crazy. When all of this was happening, the boy couldn’t take it and as a result, wrote a note to his teacher and left it on her desk. He wrote about how he prays to end his life which sounds too desperate and depressing at the same time.

This happened a few weeks after he was badly beaten in his school playground. His mother, Kristy Sturgess explained how bad it was for him to go through the situation. The seven-year-old from north-west Sydney, Australia wrote, “God, please take me.”
The night he was beaten up, he came back home and wrote, “I don’t want to be alive” on his pillow.

Kristy further said, “Jack was physically hit and kicked in the playground for nearly 10 minutes, and was stabbed with a plastic fork in the back. I remember getting to pick Jack up [that day], and he was limping and holding his shoulder, in tears. He had bruises on his legs and a fork mark in his shoulder. I just broke down in tears. That was the final straw for Jack after going through such a hard few years. He was seven, and he was just done.”

His mother then took help of external counselors and programs to build up his broken confidence after experiencing the violent attack. He is now better and things are now looking up for him. Jack has always been an artistic child, so he has also been given artistic therapy.

Hence, he is now channelizing his talent into making t-shirts which help him raise funds for the anti-bullying charity Kid’s Helpline.

Ms. Sturgess said that supporting children’s organization, which help people with counseling over the phone was a great way to help people who are suffering from anxiety and depression.

Jack Wilkinson Kids is a way the mother and son duo has come up with to raise funds for Kids Helpline.

The little boy is brave than most adults are, hence he updated his website with a message, “It makes me better when I talk to someone and when I know they’re doing something about the bad things, it makes me feel safe. Now, I feel pretty good. But other people are going through the same things as I did and having a hard time. It would be nice for them to be able to talk to Kids Helpline.”

Kudos to this little man for the strength he has and the efforts he is putting in for other people.