Lottery Winner Split The Prize Money With Childhood Friend To Keep His Promise

In a startling incident, a man named Tom kept his word after hitting a small fortune of twenty-two million dollars. Years back, the man had made a pact with his buddy, Joe Feeney, that if one of them ever won a jackpot, the two friends would cut up the rewards between themselves.

With materialism being in the air, it is really pleasing to see someone free of materialism and filled with generosity. Tom Cook definitely reflected it by splitting the lottery with his best friend. Obviously many friends make such pacts and agreements and some even promise their friends cars and swimming pools but only a few stick to such pacts.

The duo used to purchase a Powerball ticket every week. And like the rest of the people, it never clicked to them that they would ever win the lottery. But, to his surprise, Tom ended up winning the twenty-two million dollars in the Wisconsin Lottery and however, he did not forget about his old buddy Joe or the pact that they agreed twenty years ago. When he had a talk with Wisconsin Lottery he simply stated that ‘handshake is a handshake, man’. The Lottery did confirm that the friends will be sharing the reward equally.

As anticipated, the fanatical fisherman, Joe was jaw dropped when Tom rang him up and announced the happy news and asked him, ‘are you jerking my bobber?’ Getting hands-on Poweball’s Grand Prize is quite difficult and sitting at one in 292,201,338 is one’s fluke. The duo selected the cash option of 16.7 million dollars. Each of them respectively carried 5.7 million dollars with them after deducting federal and state taxes. This shot had embarked Wisconsin 18th invincible jackpot since the state started the game in 1992.

Adding to this, this is Wisconsin’s first Powerball lottery win since March 2019 when Wisconsin saw a record-setting of 768.4 million dollars jackpot winner. Luckily, the state had been ranked fourth place on the list of all-time frequent winners. The director of Wisconsin Lottery, Cindy Polzin, congratulated the partners. He even appreciated their friendship and was thrilled for both of them. However, Tom gave his notice at the workplace after hitting the lottery and retired from the work while Joe had already retired from the fire department area.

The two friends while moving ahead hope to use their deep pockets by hanging loose and enjoying some quality time with their families. They were also looking forward to traveling as they had previously taken road trips together along with their respective wives in a small PT Cruiser convertible. As they have a considerable amount of money with them, they were planning for a vehicle upgrade.