Loyal Customer Raised $12000 As Tip For Elderly Pizza Delivery Man

The Valdezes have been uploading videos of Newey’s deliveries on TikTok. They have more than 53,000 followers on TikTok. In the caption, Valdez asked the viewers about what was this guy doing delivering pizza. He described him as a hard-working, passionate person who’s determined to his duty.

People following Valdez started asking that why a man being so old was delivering pizza. Reading this, Valdez’s mind popped up with an idea. He requested everyone to contribute as much as they could to give Newey the tip of a lifetime.

Valdez in an interview told that altogether as a TikTok community, everyone agreed to donate and so they achieved collecting $12000 for this deserving man. The Valdezes went to Newey’s home so that they can grant him the large cash donation in person.

Newey worked 30 hours a week delivering pizza so that he can add on his social security income. He was surprised to see the kindness of the Valdez family and their Tik Tok followers. He asked why they would do this. Answering the question, his wife said that they loved him and therefore wanted to give him a gift.

In one of the tweets, someone wrote “89 year old man, Derlin Newey was a pizza delivery man who got a surprise delivery of his own. A couple who got to know him from his pizza deliveries took the initiative to raise money for him. They were able to raise $12000 to help him out. Newey had no clue about it.”

Newey got emotional and with his teary eyes asked how could he ever thank them. The Valdez didn’t stop here. They gifted him with a customized T-shirt. The t shirt had the quotation written on it, “Hey, are you looking for some pizza?”

Such a heart-touching story!

Valdez believed that he deserved this for all the efforts he was putting to provide his best service. He was happy that they were able to help someone in need. People are supposed to be treated with kindness and respect just like the way Newey did.