Lynea Lattanzio Takes The 'Crazy Cat Lady' Tag To Another Level, Has Fostered Over 28,000 Cats Since 1992!

Some people just belong to someplace else, don’t they? While most of us find pleasure and solace in materialistic things and luxuries, rarely we come across people who are completely opposite and find peace in helping others and making their lives easier and better. Lynea Lattanzio surely belongs to the latter category, considering how passionate she is towards her feline friends.

DailyMail/Barcroft USA

She has taken the phrase ‘cat lover’ to new heights by given up her 4200 square foot home to more than a thousand rescue cats.

Lattanzio runs ‘Cat House on the Kings’, California’s largest no cage, no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats, and, along with her team of volunteers, care daily for and estimated 800 adult cats and 300 kittens and even a handful of peacocks. Right now, she lives in a trailer on her six-acre property and allows the cats to run freely through the five bedroom house.

DailyMail/Barcroft USA

She started fostering cats in 1992 after a divorce and acquired 96 by the end of the year – successfully re-homing all of them.

Today she runs ‘Cat House On The Kings’ which is California’s largest no-cage, no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats. While talking about how she started out in an interview, she mentioned how she was not allowed to keep a cat as a child and said ‘I don’t think there has been anyone who has lived with 28,000 cats in 24 years. That’s probably a record and added ‘Back then I was single, had no kids and bought this 4,200 square foot home and thought what am I thinking.

DailyMail/Barcroft USA

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