Magazine Seller Got Married To Woman He Once Gave His Last 50p To

A 41-year-old big issue seller named Jack Richardsonmet a 51-year-old woman named Toni Osborne in 2013. It was when the two walked past each other on Bristol Street. Jack, the seller, was looking for some change so he asked Toni. Bursting into tears, Toni said that she was not having any change. Moreover, she didn’t have any money to pay off her own electricity bill. After listening to this, Jack did what he thought was right in that moment. He lent his last 50p to Toni.

Being the most generous and considerate gentleman as he was, Jack didn’t hesitate even once before lending his last 50p. Toni happily accepted the money given by him. That was the first time when the two gelled up and formed an immediate bond. As days passed by, the pair met each other many times on that street. They got along so well and had many new conversations. One day Jack got his big Issue badge. This allowed him to sell the magazine. He shared this news with Toni.

Subsequently, the two grew closer and closer. Jack used to meet her in every two weeks at his usual spot. In 2014, as Christmas arrived, Jack found it difficult to have a good sleep as the car parking he used to sleep in was closed for Christmas. Hearing this out, Toni felt worried. She welcomed Jack to stay up in her flat for a few days. While speaking to the podcast “Real fix” (featuring extraordinary stories) she jokingly said that she doesn’t recommend offering homes to strangers!

She offered Jack to stay only because she felt he was genuine. She felt safe when he was around. She got attracted to his warm personality. Another year passed away and the two fell madly in love with each other. It was in December 2015 when Jack got down on his knees and asked if Toni would marry him and be his wife for the rest of her life! The most amazing bit was that he proposed her at the exact same location where they met each other.

Their initial plan was to have a cheap registry office wedding. But as soon as Jack’s clients were discovered, they clubbed together and organized a beautiful wedding. The two tied the knot in March 2016 and had a dream wedding. Jack exclaimed that even after the wedding they had enough money to buy new household items which included a new bed, a new cooker and a new pair of glasses each! Four years down the line, Jack truly felt that he was then stable, grounded, rooted!

Now when the couple recalls their past, they truly admire the time they met. Toni felt that speaking to Jack was the best thing she ever did and Jack said that 50p was the best he had ever spent in his life so far!