Making The Most Of His Training, A Labrador Turns Into A Guardian Angel for A 3-Year-Old!

We’ve often heard dog owners and lovers call their canine their guardian angels and saviors. Jedi, a 3-year old diabetic dog is surely one and proved them all right. Luke has been battling type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease with no cure, since he was just 2 years old, according to his mother, Dorrie Nuttall.

Dorrie, 37, mentioned in an interview that the glucose in Luke’s blood can quickly spike or plummet because his pancreas cannot produce insulin due to diabetes.

While talking about his disease, Dorrie mentioned that, if Luke’s blood sugar gets too low, he starts to lose any sensation in his hands and feet, gets dizzy, has pains in his stomach and is at risk of seizure and if his blood sugar spikes too high, it can cause damage to his vital organs, she added.


Luckily, people have learned that dogs are capable of being trained to alert parents when a child has low blood sugar. This has led to many people adopting them to watch after their kids.

For Luke, a young child with diabetes, his parents knew that he was too young to recognise the symptoms of low blood sugar. That’s why they decided to adopt their diabetic alert dog Jedi, and right now we are pretty sure they would be thanking themselves for doing so on time.


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