Man Accessorizing Assassin’s Creed Type Blades Arrested In Paris

The city of love became the witness to a shocking news headline when the Paris sergeant department detained a man who was seen flaunting a twelve inches long wrist blades, hiding inside his expensive leather jacket. These dangerous blades have been said to be inspired by the renowned film franchise the Assassin’s Creed.

As per the police records, the man is twenty-seven years of age and is named ‘Thomas G’. He was primarily seen close to the Saint-Lazare subway station. His accessories included a pair of sunglasses, a black hood, a military-themed bag, and an off-beat black false face. Apparently, the man made an attempt to escape from the clutches of the cops but was caught and handcuffed after his gloves were forcefully removed. While in custody he claimed that the blades were only a part of a fancy dress he made himself. They were attached with tape and were very unstable.

The policemen took the necessary precautionary steps while demobilizing him so that the weapon would not trigger even by chance. By God’s grace, no one was injured during the process. G admitted to being a big cosplay fanatic. However, he did not mention the Ubisoft production in his list. Yet, somehow a part of his outfit matched the same kind of retractable blades worn by the main characters.

An image of the man was shared on social media by Rebecca Rambar who turned to her Twitter account to post his picture along with his blades captioning it as, “#France: The questioning of a protestor on the sidelines of the 27th Gillet Jaune protest. The individual had concealed two blades that he had attached to his forearm. He is currently in custody in #Paris after his arrest by the police.”