Man Accidentally Found Gold Coins While Searching For Friend’s Ring

Paul and Michael had a process continual growth and the moment their progress turned into their biggest success as they discovered a hoard of gold coins. No matter how it arrived, gradually or spontaneously, it gave a new definition and hope to their life. Least did Paul Raynard and Michael Gwynne know that their simple effort to help their friend would lead to a miraculous transformation in their lives.

Paul and Michael had always dreamed of doing and achieving big in their lives. Their imagination had no boundaries. They even visualized themselves in a situation where they would strike gold.

It was really a life-changing moment for them when their imagination became reality. It not only portrayed their personality as great detectorists but also showed their patience level. Being patient is the first and foremost thing a detectorist must possess.

With such an amazing accomplishment, they completely justified their status of being a metal detectorist and set up high standards in Northern Ireland. The chance discovery took place in the fields of one of their farmer friends who was about to get married. He had accidentally dropped his wedding ring in the field in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland. The two great detectorists were spending their vacation in that place. A mere wedding ring actually paved their way to success.

With the kind intention of helping out their farmer friend, both of them went to a search mission in the fields. This search mission had been presented as the “Two faces of a coin”. It was both successful and unsuccessful, fortunate and unfortunate. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find the wedding ring.

However, they got the biggest treasure of their life. While digging up soil in various parts of the farm, one of the lucky portions made them strike something hard. On further investigation, they found out a hoard of 84 gold coins, some of which dated back to King Henry Eight’s reign in the early 1500s.

It all happened so gradually as the first thing that had been found by them was a five pence piece. It was followed by a horseshoe. The 44-year-old Mr. Raynard had been out of words for expressing “How amazing this feeling is”. He also said, “The horseshoe must have brought them luck” during his interview with the BBC. The moment he found the gold coins, he kept pulling more and more, taking out a hoard of coins with an estimated worth £100,000 equivalent to $128,578. During their interview with the Discovery, Mr. Raynard said, “One of the coins alone is estimated to be worth £ 5,000 ($6,428).”

The mixed feelings of awe and happiness were pretty much clear on their faces. Mr. Gwynne had an emotional jiff after the discovery. Concluding their conversation with Discovery, Michael even called his buddy Paul giddy. He also mentioned his excitement. He also shared the incident when he had assumed the crying voice of Paul to be a shouting one.

In the end, they stated that the money would be distributed equally among both the friends and the landowner if the coins get exchanged for cash. Michael also promised to gift his farmer friend a new wedding ring.