Man Astonishes People By Building Nostalgic Video Rental Store In His Basement

Times have changed and so did our trend. When, in the past, we were more interested to look for something interesting on the shelves of Blockbuster, we’re now busy searching through the catalog of Netflix. TikTok user @Thevideobunker has given a tour of her basement and the decorum isn’t the same as that of a usual basement. It looks similar to an actual rental store, which includes the brickwork and also a neon ‘Open’ sign in the store’s window.

And when you enter the store, you’d find several shelves that have collection of films, posters, and several other pictures as a remembrance on the walls of it. There’s a front counter as well, which isn’t only for the rentals, but it provides snacks too. Moreover, there’s a yellow sign on the floor ushering you to the location where you can find the horror genre. Well, it also comprises a viewing room complete with several televisions, two reclining armchairs, walls of VHS tapes, and numerous old-school gaming consoles.


This video has racked up thousands of likes and has been viewed more than four million times. The rental store in the basement was just an idea. The wife said: “During quarantine, my husband built a video rental store in our basement. The start of quarantine last year coincided with the closure of our local family video, which gave my husband access to a lot of shelving, and a crazy idea.”

Initially, he considered working on the kitchen cabinets as his motive was to keep himself busy while having some tasks inside their abode. Their main room includes shelves, that have thousands of DVDs and Blu-Rays along with the objects pertaining to the movies that he had collected in all these years. Everyone who has watched the video fell in love with the creation as it arose a sense of nostalgia in all of us. For someone, it’s the coolest thing they ever came across, while for another person, this was exactly his dream and he always longed to do this.

Also, some people suggested making some modifications. A person advised to put up a little bell right behind the main door of the store. Someone else appreciated the efforts but also saw the absence of proper customer service because there needs to be an employee who greets every customer right after they walk in.