Man Brags About Making His 7-Month Pregnant Wife Workout

The real-estate lawyer posted on his Twitter account that his 7-month pregnant wife was not in a mood to work out in the morning. So, instead of lecturing her, he played the exercise video and did it along with her. He wrote, “My wife, who is 7 mos. pregnant, wasn’t in the mood to work out this morning. So, rather than lecture to her, resent her, or whine about it, I threw on the exercise video and did it with her. Our kids saw us and joined in. No one talks about this part of marriage/dating. – Travis D Hughes”

Travis probably thought that by sharing this incident he would receive a lot of appreciation from the users as who would not want a partner who helps and encourages his better halfto do something healthy and good. By mentioning in the post that his idea was unique as he did not lecture her or resent her or whined about it, he received a lot of criticism from the Twitter users. Travis thought that his way of motivating his wife to exercise was unique and since his wife did exercise, he felt proud that his idea was successful.

Twitter users thought that why would a husband resent his 7-month pregnant wife who didn’t wish to work out? They thought that it was absurd as how could a person think about saying such things. Luckily, the Twitter users were smart enough to see that what the husband did was wrong.

People commented on Travis’s post that playing the exercise video and guilting his wife to exercise was not acceptable. They found it weird that the husband felt proud about this and even admitted in publicly. Dr Jennifer Caudle commented that she didn’t understood that why would the husband lecture or resent her and even whine about it,if his wife didn’t wish to work out. She said that she was not married and wondered if this is what happened in marriages.

Someone’s wife commented on the post that she has been married for 20 years and she could not imagine her partner lecturing or resenting or prodding her to do anything which she didn’t want to do. Even if she was seven months pregnant, she couldn’t imagine to be treated in this way. She felt sorry for the wife.

Mrs. Bundrige mentioned on the part where Travis said that no one talked about that part of the marriage. She said that he was wrong as everyone talked about this a lot. Men often used patriarchy hidden in toxic encouragement to control women. She added that by saying, “I know your needs better than you” was nothing but a foul act to seek parental direction. She also mentioned that he lacked empathy.

Surely, Travis’s bubble of being a motivational husband was burst after seeing the comments and criticism. Let’s hope that now he won’t make his wife work out if she didn’t wish to.