Man Brought To Tears After Meeting Deceased Wife Through Virtual Reality

Basically, it happened to be his beloved wife whom he had lost a while ago. Being able to see her for the one last time, even if it was in the form of her shadow, was his only wish. He used to love her with all his heart, kiss her when she’d be working, eating or even watching TV. Not just the man, even his wife was head over heels for him. But, because his wife was suffering with a serious ill disease, destiny had set them apart.

The man was a father of five and now just wanted to see his wife. Therefore, all this was done as a part of a TV documentary which apparently creates virtual reality experiences to allow people get reunited with their loved ones whom they’ve lost. Now the destiny decided to give him another chance to meet the love of his life. The man went on to a documentary which took six months to prepare the couple’s reunion. They recreated everything that was related to his wife. Her voice, her movements, her dress-up, everything.

The voice recreation was done by a professional voice actor who could almost bring in the same touch of voice as hers’. All of the recreation was done so perfectly that it left the man in tears after he saw his wife in the virtual reality. It was an emotional moment for not just the man but also for all five of his kids too who too had lost their mother so soon. Anybody could have got emotional seeing the man expressing his love for his deceased wife whom he could just see the one last time.

Losing a person who is such an important part of your life is tough and unimaginable but being able to see them again, it is an unparalleled happiness and nothing’s much better and relieving than that. Therefore, the family was lucky enough to be able to meet their lost member and experience the feeling of their existence once again and for the last time. Kudos to the that documentary for helping people re-live their moments with their lost and loved ones and in overcoming their absence for a while.

Last but not the least, if you really want something, you can have it with all your love and effort, the way this guy did, leaving no stone unturned to meet his dead wife again.