Man Calls Out His Wife’s Embarrassing Habit At A Restaurant, Ends Up Arguing

Habits are not easy to change especially when you are doing something for years now. Maybe it is embarrassing for people with you but you get a real kick out of that habit. Man annoyed with his wife’s habit called her habit embarrassing. And the woman stormed out of a restaurant after arguing with her husband.

A wife screamed at her husband after he questioned her in a restaurant full of onlookers, but it started because of a habit that the husband thinks is embarrassing. As shared by the man his 32-year-old wife has a habit of collected stuffed toys. With her age, the size and the number of toys have also grown. Earlier he was okay with it and even found it endearing.

He bought several kinds of stuffed toys for his wife, but since she bought a foot-tall pig wearing pajamas a couple of years ago there have been problems. She was so fond of the toy that she started carrying it wherever she went. Her toy accompanied them during travel and outings. She had more pictures with her toy than her husband. Even while taking pictures of beautiful landscapes her toy used to be with her.

She even posted it online on various social media handles but her husband never questioned her because he knew it was her jam. He never even minded the onlookers. However, since she started taking it to restaurants with her during their outings he started having some problems. She even asked a separate chair for her favorite pal in the restaurants.

He was not okay with it but decided to keep his mouth shut since it was not hurting anyone and they used to enjoy their time. But one day he was taking his wife to an upscale restaurant and his wife asked for a table for three so that her stuffed pig could join them. There were many onlookers and it is then when he asked her to stop this habit of hers.

He shared that it was not alone the onlookers which had triggered him, “I had a crazy day at work and was a bit tired, and I noticed quite a few people glancing in our direction. So, I asked her if she could sometimes maybe just leave the stuffy at home. She said OK, but after thinking about it for a couple of minutes she became very angry, shouted ‘why, do I embarrass you!?’ and stormed out of the place, which then became silent.”

He further shared “When I got home she was still fuming and felt personally attacked by my request. I tried explaining myself but it ended by her saying she’d bring it anywhere she damn well pleased. I didn’t push it further because I didn’t think it was worth fighting over more, and didn’t bring it up again.”

When he shared some commented “Your wife shouldn’t bring a really big stuffed animal around that’s strange. Maybe convince her to bring a smaller one around that she keeps in her purse or something.” While others believed “Maybe she just gets a giant kick out of it. People get way too caught up with policing other people’s joy. Fun matters, joy matters. Encourage what brings people you love joy, and forget random judgmental strangers.” Well, they need to come up with a solution mutually.