Man Came Crashing Down From Ceiling After Wife Finished Cleaning

A woman named Ashleigh managed to tickle the funny bones of the social media users by sharing a hilarious episode that surfaced when she was cleaning the renovation mess. Putting her story on a Facebook group- Mrs. Hinch Cleaning Tips, she shared that her husband came crashing down the ceiling after she had finished her task and also shared the picture.

A few punches of uninvited moments can knock down the hard work of hours. These moments can rain in from any direction without giving souls enough time to brace up for undoing the mess. A woman named Ashleigh found herself in a similar kind of situation when she was taking out the renovation of their home with her husband.

Ashleigh and her better half were all up for the perplexing initiative of getting their home renovated. They had drawn the plan taking up the minute details by their side. To their delight, things started to move in a favorable direction. Advancing bit by bit as per their plan, they managed to complete half of the task. They removed the staircase to give it a new look in line with the renovated home.

One morning, Ashleigh took up the baton of cleaning the after-renovation mess. She put on her cleaning cap and went ahead cleaning the dust-laden floor. Dedicating her entire chirpy morning to the task, she finally took a breath of relief. Ashleigh managed to finish it in time to have some rest. To her dismay, her joy did not last long.

Within a few seconds of completion of her task, her husband came crashing down the ceiling. The layer of dust and debris fell to take on the clean floor down. Thus, Ashleigh’s morning efforts went down the drain. She had to carry on the entire spree again.


Finding the whole thing hilarious, she decided to share the incident with the social media world. Working in that direction, she shared the episode on the Facebook group- Mrs. Hinch Cleaning Tips. She also posted a picture of her husband’s head popping out of the broken ceiling.

Taking on the incident, she shared, “I spent all morning cleaning up the dust from taking out the stairs, within two actual minutes of me stopping he falls through the ceiling and, well, you can imagine the dust. (He’s fine)”.

Enjoying the humor embedded in the post, social-media users came up with their delectable comments. One of them said, “This has literally made my night”. Another said, “Omg I didn’t know what I was looking at…glad I read the explanation. Without glasses it looked like a baby on the ceiling”.

Answering the queries of concern, Ashleigh said, “Yes he is absolutely find and we both just had to laugh about it. We’ve had so many issues with the house so far, we’ve had no choice but to laugh and get the hoover back out. I’m pleased it’s made everyone giggle”.

Meanwhile, others joined in the space sharing their crashing stories.