Man Claiming To Be A Time Traveler Warns About Human Extinction

In his video, Javier claimed to be in 2027 and warned people that humanity might disappear till then as he was not able to find anyone in the whole area. He mentioned that there were no people and the only things that he could find were the stranded cars and buildings. The roads were deserted and the shopping centers were ghosted.

Javier’s TikTok user id was @unicosobreviviente which means the only survivor. The name seemed appropriate as he was claiming to be the only person alive at the point. The first video that he shared was on February 13th. He claimed to be in Valencia, Spain which was completely barren. He told the viewers that he found himself in a hospital and had no idea about how he got there. He was not able to find any other person besides him in the hospital.

After waking up on February 13th, Javier decided to go outside and look for someone but all he got to see was the abandoned land, cars, and buildings. The internet was working fine which helped him to upload the video. He even went to a shopping center. While sharing the clip of the shopping center, he told that there was no one to be found. However, to everyone’s surprise, the shelves were properly stocked. The clothes were in fine condition as well, which was not possible if there were no humans.

While trying to find human life, Javier wished to be out of the place. He wanted to come to the present day and lead his life normally. He asked for help from his viewers. In the next video, he informed that finally he could find something to eat but had no idea how far he could survive on the limited amount of food. He was losing hope and asked his followers to help in any way they can.

Naturally, there were doubts in the minds of the viewers as whatever Javier was claiming is not acceptable in today’s world. They asked him questions about how the essential services that are supposed to be maintained by someone are functioning properly without anyone’s presence. They asked him about the working of lights and internet connectivity. Javier didn’t know the answers to their questions but he guessed there might be some connection between today’s world and 2027.

Javier is still sharing videos about his life in the future. In his videos, he showed his desperation about coming back to the present day. The whole story that Javier has shared with us can be a big faux, or it can be a living example of a parallel universe. Whatever it is, it is interesting to know that something like this can happen in the future. The only question that strikes our minds “Is it possible for humanity to get extinct in the coming six years?”